“Incredibly useful” Overwatch trick helps counter sneaky Ashe players

Theo Salaun. Last updated: Dec 31, 2021
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Overwatch players are waiting for Overwatch 2, but still discovering new tricks in the original game. Now, Reddit is amazed by a clever tip that can help you find and kill Ashe players who are bothering your team.

Overwatch released back in May 2016 and around two years later, the marksman Ashe joined the game’s cast in November 2018. While fans of the franchise have the sequel, Overwatch 2, on their minds – some are still thinking of ways to counter the ‘Wild West Widowmaker.’

In a new clip shared to Reddit, ‘MagicMeatbal1’ gave the community a “pro tip” to deal with Ashe. As they explain it, there’s a subtle indicator that can help you figure out where Ashe is and send her back to the spawn room.

With over 8,000 upvotes and 180-plus comments at the time of writing, it’s clear that longtime players weren’t all aware of this trick. So, here’s how to use Ashe’s dynamite against her.

Overwatch “pro tip”: How to counter Ashe with her dynamite

Getting hit by Ashe’s dynamite can either be a death sentence or an annoyance, depending on whether or not she can follow up on the damage with shots. And, since the hero is known for taking nifty vantage points, she is typically in position to get those shots off.

But, as shown by MagicMeatbal1, there’s a way to know where Ashe is going to try shooting you from once the dynamite hits. The AOE explosive shows subtle “damage ticks” when you’ve been caught in its fire, which indicate exactly where Ashe is on the map.

In MagicMeatbal1’s example, they’re slapped with dynamite and simply follow the damage ticks upward and to the left. Like clockwork, Ashe emerges trying to follow up on her boomstick and, instead, MagicMeatbal1 treats her to a hook and a death.

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Ashe can be an absolute terror with the right positioning.

It’s been a little over three years since Ashe’s release, so perhaps this trick isn’t new to everyone. Players were still very interested, though, with one calling it “incredibly useful” and another dubbing it “the best OW post I’ve seen in months!”

A true testament to how good of a tip this is came from an Ashe main themself, who had a very simple, but clear reaction to the trick gaining traction: “DELETE THIS NOW.”