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Overwatch • Jun 02, 2019

Incredible Reinhardt 'Battle Royale' mode made in Overwatch Workshop

Incredible Reinhardt 'Battle Royale' mode made in Overwatch Workshop

Two creative Overwatch fans have found the perfect way to let players practice their Reinhardt skills while also claiming the crown of sumo champion.


The Overwatch Workshop was added to the game’s Public Test Realm on April 24 and gave creative fans the tools to put their ideas into the game. After weeks of testing and fans having come up with modes like Torbjorn Golf and D.Va Racing, Blizzard released the mode to all players on May 21.

Since then, dozens of new creations have been spawned and the list of the most popular modes has been revealed. Yet, one new idea based around Reinhardt may just knock everything else out of the way.


Reinhardt is one of the staple characters in Overwatch.

In a post to the Overwatch subreddit, the creators of McCree’s Hot Potato showcased their new ‘Last Man Bouncing’ mode that they conjured up in the Workshop.

The premise of the game is pretty simple. Up to 12 players, all as Reinhardt, can compete atop a shrinking bouncy ball as they try to knock each other off the side while surviving the shrinkage. For every kill you claim in a round, you secure a point while being the last Reinhardt alive at the end of the round will give you two points.

Players can compete on 12 different maps, all with the same shrinking bouncy ball above until the Last Man Bouncing is crowned champion. However, if the scores are tied at the end of the match - Overtime will come into play.


Fans on the Overwatch subreddit were blown away by the ingenious creation, showering the creators in compliments for their genius work.

One Redditor, posting with the username Jeyzor, commented: “That looks incredible! Great work.” Another commenter, ss7game, added: “This is the funniest mode that I have ever seen!”

Now that more players have got their hands on the Workshop tools, more and more fun training-like modes are sure to pop up.

As ever, if you want to try this one for yourself with a couple of friends, you’ll need the current Workshop code - which is: 2FKCV.

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