Incredible Overwatch trick lets Winston gets two Primal Rage ultimates

Winston activates Primal RageBlizzard Entertainment

Building ultimate charge in Overwatch is a fundamental key to having success in the game. While there are only a couple of ultimates in the game that let heroes build up to their next one while the first is active, Winston’s Primal Rage isn’t one of them – normally.

Primal Rage is a unique ability in that it gives Winston 1000 HP and transforms him into a larger, angrier gorilla who smacks foes around with his fists and gains a reduced jump pack cool down.

While Primal isn’t great for raw damage, the disruption that the ultimate provides and knockback potential to score environmental kills is very high.

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Interestingly, with those types of eliminations, it’s possible to time the environmental kills so that they count even after Winston’s Primal Rage wears off.

Winston in Primal form on HanamuraBlizzard Entertainment
Winston needs to be focused down fast in Primal Rage.

With other ultimates such as Ashe’s B.O.B and Wrecking Ball’s Minefield, they can be charged up again while the first is active. However, any damage done by B.O.B or the mines don’t contribute to the next usage.

For Primal Rage, when knocking opponents off the map at just the right moment, you can use the ultimate to actually help build the next one.

In a Reddit video posted by 10jwashford, the Winston player manages to knock both a Lucio and enemy Winston off the map on Nepal Shrine. Right after going back to his regular form, he gets kill credit for the two heroes.

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As a result, he goes from 0 ultimate charge to 86 within the blink of an eye and after doing a bit of damage with his jump, instantly has a second Primal Rage ready.

Timing this can be very tricky, but if you’re super confident in your Overwatch abilities, you could attempt it and try to reap the massive rewards.

After all, having two Primal Rages so soon will really catch your enemies off guard and chances are they’ll be in an even more vulnerable position when they don’t expect it.