Incredible Overwatch theory works out Hero 31’s abilities

L: DeviantArt - MossyGator. R: Dexerto art.

One genius Overwatch fan may have just worked out the abilities of Hero 31, Sigma, thanks to Blizzard’s teaser video.

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The Overwatch community has been hard at work in trying to figure more details behind Hero 31. Their cause was helped thanks to the Overwatch World Cup Team Mexico Twitter account, who seemingly leaked Sigma as the next character, but there isn’t a ton of confirmed information.

With fans clamoring for any sort of details behind the new hero, Blizzard finally handed out a cryptic tease on July 20, as a video showed Jeff Kaplan disappearing into a black hole and being replaced with on-screen equations. Now, one clever fan seems to have figured out what those equations may have been hinting at.

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OWWC Team Mexico TwitterThe Mexican World Cup Twitter post is the closest we’ve gotten to seeing Sigma in Overwatch.

In an incredibly detailed post to the Overwatch subreddit, user ztokdo, broke down the equations that popped up on-screen and theorized that they could have already revealed Sigma’s abilities.

According to ztokdo, the three abilities will likely be a Grenade that lands, stays in position and “curves bullets, projectiles, and abilities around it.” Another would be an anti-gravity beam that could be used to throw enemy players up in the air.

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Finally, for the ultimate, the Redditor believes that Sigma will have a protective ultimate of some-sort that “pulls in all projectiles shots and abilities and uses that to buff teammates.”

The Redditor’s posts on what the equation could mean for Sigma’s abilities.
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Ztokdo also explained that they believe Sigma is being introduced to the game and that he will be good against kinetic weapons and projectiles, resistant to energy weapons, but would be immune to EMP abilities.

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Of course, the Redditor also dove into this belief with some complicated maths from the Teaser video and showed exactly why they believe this to be the case. 

ztokdo’s full breakdown on Sigma’s potential behaviour in Overwatch.
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Members of the subreddit were astounded by how simple ztokdo made the hints seem and hoped that their time and effort would be rewarded. “This is impressive! I hope you’re right!” added Klinxx.

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However, another user, melancholyswiffer, wondered whether the poster was reading too much into it and if Blizzard had actually bamboozled players as they did with Sombra. 

Comment from discussion Sigma Maffs.

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Yet, it remains to be seen as to what is actually official with Sigma when it comes to abilities as Blizzard is yet to release anything official.

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