Incredible Overwatch skin concept imagines Zenyatta as a mythical demon

by Joe O'Brien


An incredible fan skin concept reimagines Overwatch hero Zenyatta as an Asura, a type of deity or demon found in Hindu mythology.


Overwatch has inspired more than its fair share of fan creations in everything from cosplay to custom controllers, but perhaps the most prolific example of fan creativity is in skin concepts.

Despite the relative abundancy of fan-made skin concepts, however, some still manage to separate themselves from the pack.

In the case of ShadowJWu’s “Asura” Zenyatta concept, the skin design was so good that it came first in a Taiwanese fan art contest, rising above a variety of other submissions.


The skin sees a puple-skinned, demonic Zenyatta ablaze with a fiery halo, his orbs replaced with skull-like masks and the many arms of his ultimate, Transcendence, wielding weapons such as a sword, bow, and arrow.

Unfortunately for fans of concept skins like these, most will never have any chance of being added to the game. At least in this instance, however, it seems Blizzard are at least aware of the design, although it’s still unlikely that Blizzard will ever look beyond their own designers when it comes to actually implementing new skins in the game.


While ShadowJWu’s Zenyatta concept was officially chosen as the winning design, there was also a “Popularity” category in which fans could vote on their favorite skin concepts, which was won by a “Spy Dancer” Ana design by Zhucao.

Fans of new skins won't have to wait too long for a new injection, as the next in-game event is due to arrive in early April. This year's edition of Overwatch Archives is likely to introduce some new skins based in lore, although exactly which heroes feature and what aspects of their stories might be explored remains to be seen.