Incredible Overwatch clip shows how Brigitte can survive a Roadhog ult

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Overwatch’s Brigitte remains one of the game’s most polarizing heroes for many different reasons depending on the rank. In lower levels, many view her healing output as negligible while in higher ELOs, she’s an unstoppable maiden of death.

A new video from Top 500 player Christopher ‘Jay3’ Pavloff’ shows just how tanky Brigitte is when played properly to the point where the streamer was visibly stunned by how much damage she could take.

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During a match on Volskaya Industries, Jay3’s team was attempting to hold point B with under two minutes remaining in the round. The streamer and his Mei ally began to do battle with a Brigitte and Reinhardt, but that 2v2 quickly turned into a spectacle for the ages with four ultimates were popped.

Blizzard Entertainment
Roadhog’s Ultimate does an insane amount of damage.

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Firstly, the Brig was given a Nano Boost by a friendly Ana player, giving her fifty percent damage reduction. Secondly, she used her Rally, which gave her and teammates in the area up to 100 additional armor at the rate of thirty per second.

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Mei used Blizzard to try to freeze all the oncoming targets while Pavloff used Roadhog’s Wholehog in an attempt to kill the Brigitte who was trapped in the room with him.

The end result was mind-blowing. Despite being stuck against a wall and frozen, the support player endured the entire Wholehog ultimate at practically point-blank range.

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Basically, the Nano’d Brigitte was able to tank the whole attack thanks to additional Rally armor, her inspire passive giving back some health, and some prompt shield blocking to absorb enough of the damage. Not to mention the fact that he wasn’t landing very many headshots during that burst.

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“She doesn’t f**king die!” the streamer screamed, unable to believe what he was witnessing. As his ultimate finished, the frozen Brigitte was still standing, prompting the Twitch star’s jaw to drop.

Finally, after several close-range primary fire headshots onto the support, he was able to eliminate his nemesis.

Overwatch's Brigitte survives a whole Roadhog Wholehog at close range during Jay3's streamTwitch/Jay3
Jay3 couldn’t believe the Brigitte would not die.

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“What the f**k, dude?” he gasped. “She took all that f**king damage?! There’s no way that’s real!”

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One has to wonder if Brigitte’s recent nerfs on the Overwatch PTR will be enough, especially considering the fact they won’t address her tankiness but rather her healing capabilities. Just remember in your ranked games that a Nano’d Brigitte can be a nightmare for your opponents.

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