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Overwatch • Sep 01, 2019

How to watch Overwatch League Season 2 playoffs - Streams, schedule, results

How to watch Overwatch League Season 2 playoffs - Streams, schedule, results

The stage is set for the Season 2 playoffs for the Overwatch League, as eight teams have secured their spots to compete for the whopping $3.5 million prize pool following the conclusion of the regular season and the play-in tournament.


$1.1 million is on the line for the first-place winners, and the playoffs will convene with the grand finals in Philadelphia at the Wells Fargo Center on September 29th.

The Philadelphia Fusion's dream of a grand finals in front of the home crowd ended early, when they fell to the Shanghai Dragons in the first round of the play-in tournament. London Spitfire and Seoul Dynasty both emerged victorious in that tournament to qualify for the playoffs main event.

They join division champions NY Excelsior and Vancouver Titans, as well as the four other teams with the best records in the San Francisco Shock, Hangzhou Spark, LA Gladiators, and Atlanta Reign, in the playoffs of season two.


Overwatch League Playoffs stream

The OWL Season 2 Playoffs will be streamed live on the Overwatch League Twitch channel, starting on September 5th. You can watch the stream below.

Selected matches will also be broadcasted on ESPN and Disney's XD channel.


Overwatch League Playoffs format

The Overwatch League playoffs use a double-elimination bracket format, meaning a loss doesn't eliminate a team right away, it just sends them down to the losers bracket. The first round matchups are seeded based on regular season record, so for example, the top-seeded 25-3 Vancouver Titans will play the lowest seed 15-13 Seoul Dynasty in the first round. 

Both the Atlanta Reign and the London Spitfire finished with 16-12 records, but London had to play through the play-in because Atlanta had a better map differential. Atlanta will also go into the playoffs with a higher seed.

Unlike the four-map match used in the regular season, all playoff matches will be a best-of-seven. The higher seed will pick the first map for every series, and each following map is picked by whoever just lost the previous map, (if you lose a map, you pick the next one). Whichever team doesn't pick the map, gets to pick whether they attack or defend first.

Each map will be played only once per series. A notable exception to this rule happened during the Shanghai-Philly series in the recent Play-in tournament, when due to a game issue, the Numbani map was made unavailable. The league consulted with both teams, and the Fusion were allowed to select King's Row a second time.

Overwatch League Playoffs schedule

September 5

*BST times cross into September 6

Quarterfinals (Winners' Round 1)
Vancouver Titans 4 - 2 Seoul Dynasty4PM6PM12AM
Quarterfinals (Winners' Round 1)
Hangzhou Spark 3 - 4 LA Gladiators7PM9PM3AM

September 6

*BST times cross into September 7

Quarterfinals (Winners' Round 1)NY Excelsior 4 - 1 London Spitfire4PM7PM12AM
Quarterfinals (Winners' Round 1)
SF Shock 3 - 4 Atlanta Reign7PM10PM3AM


September 7

*BST times cross into September 8

Losers' Round 1Seoul Dynasty 1 - 4 Hangzhou Spark6PM9PM2AM
Losers' Round 1London Spitfire 0 - 4 San Francisco Shock9PM12AM5AM

September 8

Semifinals (Winners' Round 2)Vancouver Titans 4 - 2 LA Gladiators12PM3PM8PM
Semifinals (Winners' Round 2)
NY Excelsior 4 - 2 Atlanta Reign3PM6PM11PM

September 12

*BST times cross into September 13

Losers' Round 2Atlanta Reign 0 - 4 Hangzhou Spark4PM7PM12AM
Losers' Round 2
LA Gladiators 0 - 4 San Francisco Shock7PM10PM3AM


September 13

*BST times cross into September 14

Winners' FinalsVancouver Titans 4 - 3 NY Excelsior4PM7PM12AM

September 14

Losers' Round 3Hangzhou Spark 0 - 4 San Francisco Shock12PM3PM8PM

September 15

Losers' FinalsNY Excelsior 0 - 4 San Francisco Shock12PM3PM8PM

September 29

Grand FinalsVancouver Titans vs San Francisco Shock12PM3PM8PM

Overwatch League Playoffs rosters

Vancouver TitansDPS: Haksal, Hooreg, Stitch
Tank: JJANU, Bumper, TiZi
Healer: Rapel, SLIME, Twilight
Flex: SeoMinSoo
New York ExcelsiorDPS: Saebyeolbe, Libero, Pine, Fl0w3r, Nenne
Tank: MekO, Mano
Healer: JJoNak, ANAMO
San Francisco ShockDPS: Architect, sinatraa, Rascal, Striker
Tank: ChoiHyoBin, Nevix, super, smurf
Healer: moth, Viol2t
Hangzhou SparkDPS: Adora, Bazzi, GodsB, Krystal
Tank: Ria, guxue, NoSmite
Healer: Bebe, iDK, Revenge
Los Angeles GladiatorsDPS: Surefour, Decay
Tank: Void, rOar, Panker
Healer: BigGoose, Shaz, Ripa
Flex: Hydration
Atlanta ReignDPS: babybay, Erster, NLaaeR
Tank: DACO, frd, Gator, Pokpo
Healer: Masaa, Dogman, FunnyAstro
London SpitfireDPS: birdring, Profit, Guard
Tank: Fury, Gesture
Healer: Bdosin, NUS, Krillin, Quatermain
Seoul DynastyDPS: FITS, Fleta, ILLICIT
Tank: Michelle, zunba, Marve1
Healer: Jecse, tobi, ryujehong, Highly

Overwatch League Playoffs talent list

Chris PuckettDesk Analyst
Malik FortéDesk Analyst
Josh 'Sideshow' WilkinsonDesk Analyst
Brennon 'Bren' HookDesk Analyst
Soe Gschwind-PenskiDesk Analyst
Christopher 'Montecristo' MyklesCaster
Erik 'DoA' LonnquistCaster
Mitch 'Uber' LeslieCaster
Matt 'MrX' MorelloCaster
Auguste 'Semmler' MassonnatCaster
Robert 'Hexagrams' KirkbrideCaster
Wolf 'Wolf' SchröderCaster
Seth 'Achilios' KingCaster
Danny LimInsider/Interviewer
Emily TangInsider/Interviewer
Mica BurtonInsider/Interviewer

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