How to unlock the new Overwatch League GOATS Brigitte skin

Brigitte GOATS skin Overwatch LeagueBlizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch League’s 2020 season kicks off on February 8, and to celebrate, the league is giving fans the chance to unlock a brand-new GOATS-themed Brigitte skin for a limited time.

Exclusive OWL skins are nothing new, but this is the first time a skin that pays tribute to a period of the game’s competitive history has been introduced.

Brigitte’s new skin is called ‘GOATS,’ titled after the team composition first made popular by the Contenders team of the same name. GOATS went on to dominate for a year, until Blizzard introduced the Role Queue feature in 2019.

Blizzard EntertainmentThe GOATS comp consisted of three tanks, three healers and no DPS.

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A GOAT is exactly what this skin turns Brigitte into, with purple hair, a blue tabard, and clean white armor covered in goat heads on her shoulders, shield, and back.

Her flail is even made out of horns, and to top it all off, she even sports little cloven hoof boots to cram as much “goat” into this skin as possible.

Brigitte’s GOAT skin is available for just under two weeks, beginning on February 6 and leaving the OWL shop on February 19.

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A price for the skin hasn’t been announced yet, but other exclusive OWL skins like Jjonak’s Zenyatta and the All-Star Game skins have cost 200 OWL Tokens each, which is a good guess for what Brigitte’s GOAT skin will cost.

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Fans who want to pick up the skin should make sure they get it before time runs out, because like all other exclusive OWL skins, once it’s out of the shop, it will be most likely gone for good.

Overwatch League MVP Jjonak's special Zenyatta skinBlizzard Entertainment
Jjonak’s “Zen-Nakji” Legendary skin from 2019 is no longer available.

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It’s no secret a large number of Overwatch players weren’t fans of GOATS and the stranglehold it placed on the higher levels of the game for so long, but it is cool that the League is paying tribute to what was undoubtedly one of the most colorful periods in its history.