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How to counter Reinhardt’s Charge with Sigma’s Ultimate in Overwatch

Published: 3/Feb/2020 3:58

by Brad Norton


Sigma is surprisingly able to counter Reinhardt’s Charge ability in a stunning way thanks to his Gravitic Flux Ultimate, and here’s how you can use the unique Overwatch trick in your next game.

Introduced in August 2019, Sigma quickly became a staple Tank hero throughout the competitive Overwatch ladder. From his versatile shield to his large health pool, the character comes in handy even at the highest ranks.

While his ultimate ability can devastate an enemy team when timed just right, it also packs a surprising function that can save Sigma from a devastating downfall at the hands of fellow core tank Reinhardt.


Sigma using his Ultimate ability in Overwatch
Sigma’s Ultimate allows the hero to fly while holding the jump button.

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Down one round in the midst of a heated match on Illios, Reddit user ‘XxMrSlayaxX’ was rushing back to the objective as Sigma. With their Ultimate at the ready, and the last potential fight already underway, it was seemingly only a matter of time before the area-of-effect ability was triggered.

Before they could activate the Gravitic Flux however, they were Charged off the side of the map by an opposing Reinhardt. With eliminations coming in from both teams, it was anyone’s fight to win at that moment.

Shifting the momentum in their favor, Sigma was let loose from Reinhardt’s clutches and triggered their Ultimate. Rather than crashing down to the ocean below, they soared through the sky and climbed straight back to the objective.


Not Today Reinhardt! from Overwatch

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Using the ability to save their skin at the most clutch opportunity, they ascended back up to the team fight and even managed to catch two enemies in the Ultimate.

Slamming both the enemy Pharah and Winston back down to the ground, the opposing team must have been absolutely stunned trying to figure out just where the Sigma was even positioned.

Eventually going on to claim a 10-kill streak and all but guarantee the victory that round, the innovate play shows how Sigma can effectively counter Reinhardt’s Charge ability when taken off the map. 

Reinhardt Charges in Overwatch
Reinhardt’s often Charge off the map to eliminate beefy Tank heroes in close battles.

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While it’s not the first example we’ve seen of Sigma’s high-flying Ultimate stealing the show, this stunning maneuver on Hanamura could easily win your next match if executed properly, and at the right time.

Despite recent nerfs making the hero less of an instant-lock, it’s clear that Sigma can disrupt the flow of a match in some surprising ways to still prove useful.