How to complete Overwatch Halloween Terror weekly challenges

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch's 2019 Halloween Terror event features a "mini-challenge" each week of the event that lets players unlock exclusive skins, sprays and player icons.

Weekly mini-challenges are based on Overwatch's limited-time events such as Baptiste's Homecoming and Bastion's Brick challenges. 

They were first added to seasonal events with Summer Games 2019 and offer players the chance to unlock exclusive cosmetics without buying loot boxes. 

Sombra's Demon Hunter spray is one of the rewards for the week three challenge.


What are the challenge rewards?

The weekly challenges operate the same way Overwatch's LTEs do: players have to win nine total games in a week to unlock all of the new cosmetics.

Three wins gets players a new player icon, six unlocks a spray and at nine wins players finally unlock the Halloween Terror skin of the week.

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
Vampire Baptiste is the grand prize for the Week 2 challenge.


Rewards for each of Halloween Terror's mini-challenges change each week, so make sure to win at least nine games a week during the event to unlock everything there is to offer.

Week 3's rewards are a godsend to Sombra mains, who have been waiting patiently since 2018 for Demon Hunter Sombra to become available. Now all they have to do is wait two more weeks and win the required nine games.

The full list of Halloween Terror challenge rewards is below:

Week 1

  • 3 wins: Inferno Junkrat player icon
  • 6 wins: Inferno Junkrat spray
  • 9 wins: Inferno Junkrat skin

Week 2

  • 3 wins: Vampire Baptiste player icon
  • 6 wins: Vampire Baptiste spray
  • 9 wins: Vampire Baptiste skin

Week 3

  • 3 wins: Demon Hunter Sombra player icon
  • 6 wins: Demon Hunter Sombra spray
  • 9 wins: Demon Hunter Sombra skin

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
Christmas has come during Halloween for all the Sombra mains out there.

What about all of the other Halloween Terror skins?

Besides Baptiste, Sombra and Junkrat, all of the other new Halloween Terror skins for 2019 will be available in Halloween Loot Boxes as in previous years.

Honorable mentions for the new Halloween Terror skins include a terrifying Scorpion Widowmaker, chilling Gorgon Lucio and a surprisingly evil Demon Orisa.

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
Scorpions are kind of like spiders, right? Close enough anyway.

Along with the new event and Overwatch going live on Switch, there's also a massive new patch live from the PTR on October 15.

A new patch, a ton of new collectibles and a completely new platform to play Overwatch on should give players more than enough to keep them busy for a while.