How to pull off this crazy Zarya maneuver in Overwatch

. 3 years ago

One Overwatch streamer has demonstrated how to get the edge over an opposing team with Zarya’s Graviton Surge on the game’s Nepal Shrine map.

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Zarya has the ability to change the tide of battle with her ultimate Graviton Surge, which holds whatever enemies it catches in place for four seconds.

It has the ability to completely stop an enemy push in its tracks, which is exactly what twitch streamer mylazycat managed to do on Nepal.

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While defending on Nepal’s Shrine map, mylazycat gets up on the right side of the choke, then propels himself over the roof with Zarya’s alternate fire.

He times it perfectly to make it over the wall just as the enemy team enters the point, and pops his ultimate.

Once most of the enemy team is caught in position, the streamer’s team moves in and cleans them up.

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Mylazycat also got a speed boost from his teammate on Lucio, which helped him make the leap over the wall.

One thing is for sure, the enemy team never expected to have a Zarya drop in on them from behind.

Other than managing to get over the roof, this doesn’t seem like too difficult a maneuver to pull off. If you have a friend who plays Lucio, that is.

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