Houston Outlaws’ ArHan is Now Eligible to Compete in the Overwatch League

. 4 years ago
Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Houston Outlaws DPS player Jeong ‘ArHan’ Won-hyeop is now eligible to compete in the Overwatch League.

Outlaws general manager Matt ‘Flame’ Rodriguez has confirmed that ArHan now has the appropriate visa in place to allow him to compete for the team.

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Best known as a player for Afreeca Freecs Blue in all four seasons of OGN’s APEX, ArHan was signed during the mid-season signing window, which closed before the start of Stage 3, but was unable to join the team due to delays in his visa approval.

Many questioned the addition of ArHan when his signing was announced. One of the most frequently-criticized aspect of the Outlaws team has been their lack of an elite Tracer player, and so the addition another DPS player who doesn’t have a history on the hero – instead making his name with projectile heroes like Genji and Pharah – came as a surprise.

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Fortunately for Houston, the Overwatch League meta has shifted such that, for arguably the first time in the game’s history, Tracer is not one of the most important heroes. Conversely, it also means that the meta has moved to an area in which the Outlaws’ primary DPS, Jacob ‘Jake’ Lyon and Jiri ‘Linkzr’ Masalin, should be more comfortable, reducing the need for alternatives.

The Houston Outlaws currently sit at eighth place in the overall standings, two match wins behind the current sixth-placed team, Los Angeles Gladiators. With only six matches left to play in the regular season, Houston will need a near flawless run through the rest of the stage if they are to have any hope of qualifying for the end-of-season playoffs.

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