Horrifying Overwatch 2 glitch makes Roadhog’s hook even more powerful

ow2 roadhog TLOU clicker skinTwitter/NYXL/Blizzard

A terrifying yet simple Overwatch 2 exploit is turning Roadhog into an even deadlier tank on the battlefield.

As Overwatch players await Roadhog nerfs in the next balance patch, the hero continues to be the meta dominant tank and some have discovered a trick that buffs him even further.

Roadhog is defined by his ability to hook enemies close to him and then one-shot them with a shotgun blast to the face. Therefore, avoiding his hook is key to defeating the 700 HP blob of meat.

Unfortunately, an easy OW2 exploit is making it so that players won’t be able to see the hook coming by turning it completely invisible.

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OW2 exploit makes Roadhog’s hook extremely deadly

As showcased by YouTuber ‘nsbunited,’ every hero in the game has some sort of whacky glitch, but Roadhog’s can be abused with relative ease.

By dying right when his ultimate Wholehog is being activated, the game will somehow make it so that Roadhog’s hook becomes invisible until you use your ult again.

On maps where you can jump off a cliff, this makes the glitch extremely easy to replicate, and losing Wholehog may even be worth it.

With an invisible hook, the lack of animation can completely catch foes off guard resulting in easy kills.

Hopefully, the devs can patch this out in time for the next big balance update.

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