Hilarious Sigma glitch could be best part of Overwatch Anniversary 2020 - Dexerto

Hilarious Sigma glitch could be best part of Overwatch Anniversary 2020

Published: 20/May/2020 23:08

by Bill Cooney


The Overwatch Anniversary event is in full swing, and players have noticed a fantastic new bug that lets Sigma jam out on the main menu.

Anniversary 2020 kicked off on May 19, and besides bringing a load of new skins to unlock, we also finally got dance emotes for Sigma and Echo.

Called “Dans,” which is Dutch for “dance,” Sigma’s emote sees him gracefully gliding around with his orbs – but it doesn’t seem to be limited for use during matches.

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Reddit user Marshardt posted a clip of the glitch, which we have to say is one of the funniest things we’ve ever witnessed happening in Overwatch.


As the main menu background pans around, every hero with a new skin for the game’s fourth anniversary is standing at attention – except for Sigma, who’s apparently just vibing in his own world and busting some sick moves.

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This new bug has to be THE funniest glitch I’ve seen in OW from r/Overwatch

As far as glitches go, this one has no effect on gameplay whatsoever, and it’s extremely entertaining – so much so that devs should really consider adding it as a feature for everyone to enjoy for the rest of the event.

Sick moves aren’t even the only glitch affecting Sigma on the main screen, either. Another Reddit user named ItisNitecap discovered one that lets you change his skin while on the main menu.


Game bugged out and I was able to customize main menu screen from r/Overwatch

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The existence of both of these visual bugs at the same time raises the possibility that both of them could happen at once, so you could potentially change Sigma’s look as he’s busting a move.

People in the Overwatch community are obviously already aware of the hilarious glitches, but so far no one seems to want them removed, because honestly, Sigma breaking it down while all the other heroes stand stone still would be funny – even if we didn’t play the game.