Hilarious Overwatch 2 bug accidentally makes players nearsighted

Brad Norton
Overwatch 2 blurry

In one of the more baffling Overwatch 2 bugs yet, players have had their vision obscured by a hilarious nearsighted glitch making everything blurry from a distance.

With the second Overwatch 2 Beta period now in full swing, Blizzard is using the latest test window to, you guessed it, test certain things out. Ahead of the full game’s launch on October 4, these Betas give ample time for balancing issues to be ironed out and bugs to be squashed.

Naturally, it’s expected that things won’t always go according to plan. While various hero-specific complaints have already stolen much of the spotlight, we’ve also seen a fair share of wild glitches in this new Beta as well.

From amusing character model bugs to more frustrating visual issues, players have run the gamut in just a matter of days. Now, falling into the latter category, the latest bug blowing up across social media is all but leaving players blind.

When randomly hopping into a custom lobby in the Beta, one particular Reddit user was caught off-guard by the game’s appearance. Without explanation, everything had become blurred.

Beyond just a few feet in front of them, vision was completely obscured. No matter where they went or what they tried, the map never quite came into focus. From enemy models to various abilities in the middle of team fights, everything was more difficult to perceive.

Exactly what led to this hilarious bug remains unclear. Early guesses have pointed towards an issue when leaving matches during the final ‘Play of the Game’ highlight. However, from our brief testing, this doesn’t appear to be a guaranteed cause every time.

Amusingly enough, certain players thought this nearsighted problem was actually their own eyesight playing up. Thankfully enough though, it can all be fixed just by closing and reopening the Beta.

Blizzard is yet to address this particular problem in the latest Beta. But if it continues to impact a large chunk of the player-base moving forward, we’re sure to see a fix in no time.