Hilarious new Overwatch glitch is literally turning heroes into doors

. 2 years ago
Overwatch Winston / Tracer gameplay

While the Overwatch community anxiously awaits the release of the game’s sequel, the state of the first title seems to be deteriorating in hilarious ways. The latest, funnily enough, is seeing heroes being transformed into doors, for honestly no reason at all.

Overwatch is currently in the midst of the annual Summer Games event meaning that plenty of players will be returning for new cosmetics and of course, Lucioball too. As more and more games are being played in the latest update, however, more and more problems are being uncovered.

Whether it’s Mei’s wall flying off the map, Torbjorn’s turret outright disappearing, or B.O.B actually coming in handy, things have been a little off. While some of these issues are certainly game-breaking, others can just be laughed off in the midst of a round. The latter is certainly where the latest Overwatch glitch falls.

Without rhyme or reason, heroes are amusingly changing their appearance in Overwatch. Shifting from actual character models to… doors?

“How was this D.Va a door?” Twitch streamer ‘Read’ questioned after an August 11 match. While they were overlooking the first objective on the Hollywood map, a literal door started bouncing around a corner.

Scoped in as Ashe, the streamer took a few shots at the inanimate object as it moved around the payload. Despite shooting directly at the door, damage didn’t quite translate as the hitbox had likely changed.

D.Va was clearly the culprit behind the ridiculous bug as audio cues and abilities came into effect soon after. Her Micro Missiles could be seen flying out of the door as the object boosted up the staircase to get away.

“What am I seeing… what was that? I was so confused,” the streamer said in absolute shock. For just a split second, the game randomly decided that D.Va’s character model should appear as the texture for a door instead.

Moments later the actual MEKA reemerged from the high ground as though nothing out of the ordinary had even happened.

Overwatch overhead view of Hollywood
Somehow D.Va turned into a door on the first point of Hollywood.

There’s no way of telling how this bizarre glitch came to be. Nor how it ended just seconds after first appearing. It could have just been a visual bug on the streamer’s side. Though the door could have also appeared for every other player on the map.

Blizzard is yet to address this hilarious issue so when you next load into a match, be sure not to trust any inanimate objects. You never know when a pot plant might come to life and ruin your day.


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