Hidden Overwatch Numbani ambush spot lets heroes attack from the trees

Ana hidden in the trees of Numbani in OverwatchBlizzard Entertainment

Using the high ground to your advantage is key to being successful and winning in Overwatch. Pro teams understand this and often rotate and position themselves to give themselves better opportunities to win, but sometimes, this can be used against them.

In an August 15 Overwatch League match, the Seoul Dynasty took on the New York Excelsior. With Seoul already winning 1-0 in the series, it was New York’s turn to attack on Numbani.

After NYXL managed to take over the high ground by rotating as a team from past the point and through the building, they didn’t notice a support hero hiding in the trees.

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Seung-tae ‘Bdosin’ Choi had carefully positioned himself in the tree overlooking the high ground. Amusingly, no one from New York seemed to notice this as they completely ignored the Ana player.

Blizzard Entertainment
It’s unlikely anyone will see this attack angle coming.

As a result of Bdosin’s sneaky tree ambush, he was able to land an extremely fat Biotic Grenade onto the New York tanks, preventing them from getting any healing.

Even though both the D.Va and Reinhardt players were weak and unable to be healed up for a few seconds, the Dynasty were unable to capitalize on the opportunity.

This was in part due to the smart play of Hae-seong ‘Libero’ Kim who didn’t join his team on the other side of the high ground and instead was able to go on a nasty flank. After he caught the Ashe and Mercy off guard, the rest of Seoul fell. (Timestamp 28:20)

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That all said, the creative tree angle was extremely unique. So much so in fact, that it nearly worked out in Seoul’s favor. They would go on to get the last laugh, though. They would win Numbani by a score of 3-2 and the series, sweeping New York with ease 3-0.

Next time you’re in a game on Numbani, remember this neat spot and maybe you could make a big play that leads your team to victory.