Hidden Overwatch Hollywood spot lets Reinhardt Shatter foes behind cover

. 2 years ago
Reinhardt blocked shatter
Blizzard Entertainment

Reinhardt’s Earthshatter Ultimate is one of the strangest, albeit strongest in Overwatch, and a nice location on Hollywood can leave your opponents unsure of what hit them.

There are countless clips showing Earthshatter’s inconsistency, be it not connecting with the enemy or knocking them down when it looked like they were safe. Needless to say, this secret spot would fall into the latter category.

On Hollywood’s streets phase, once the payload starts moving, there is a spot on the low ground where some stacks of hay are positioned as part of the film set’s western theme.

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While these haystacks may look like cover – and act as such when it comes to blocking oncoming enemy fire – they will not block Reinhardt’s Earthshatter, allowing the earthquake to travel underneath and knock the enemy to the ground.

Twitch streamer Titop took advantage of this secret location in his own ranked game. Even though the enemy was rocking double shield, the tank player executed Earthshatter from behind the haystacks and, just like the hit song by Drowning Pool, let the bodies hit the floor.

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This trick is especially good because the hay covers a lot of Reinhardt’s frame, meaning that unless the opponent is landing headshots, he’s going to take less damage and will likely survive the Earthshatter animation with his shield down.

Not only that, but because the German tank is partly hidden, it may give opponents less time to react to the Ultimate, thereby limiting potential counterplay.

This particular spot has caused controversy before. Notably, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was stunned after the hay seemed to block his pin attempt as Reinhardt, despite not being anywhere near it.

Blizzard Entertainment
Any Overwatch player should be aware of this spot.

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It’s unclear if Blizzard intends this particular section of Hollywood to operate so strangely, but it’s something to remember and take advantage of if you find yourself playing main tank on this map.

Of course, at the same time, it’s also a spot you should knock in the event you’re playing support and want to counter the Earthshatter with an Ultimate of your soon.

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