Here’s the best way to bait out enemy ultimates in Overwatch

. 3 years ago
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Ultimate abilities can go a long way toward determining the outcome of an Overwatch match, and recently Los Angeles Valian’s Indy ‘Space’ Halpern of the shared a great way to force the enemy team to use more of their ultimates during a fight.

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During Overwatch League and Contenders, the term ‘Ultimate Advantage’ is used to describe the team with more ultimate abilities ready, which automatically gives them an edge in team fights.

But, if one team is able to coordinate and build up six ultimates at a time, or just hold on to them, it becomes a game of trying to draw them out for the other team, and L.A. Valiant flex player SPACE shared a great way to do just that.

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“Because people default and play the same thing over and over, people are going to think we’re going to hold the same position right?” SPACE told fans on stream. “The reason I call to let them out here, is because the further we let them out, the more ults they’re gonna have to use.”

SPACE used a situation on Busan where his team had one ultimate and the enemy team had at least five as an example of how giving the enemy team more room onto the point can force the opposing team to use more ultimates than they intend to.

“If we only hold [the] choke, they’re going to use Zarya (Gravitron) and NanoBlade, but because we let them out, they use six ults,” he explains before showing the clip of exactly what he’s talking about – the enemy team comes out and throws all but one of their ultimates on point.

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Instead of just costing the enemy team three ultimates, SPACE’s team is able to force out five, which means that his team is now ahead in the ultimate game.

Compare this to when the team with one ultimate uses it in a losing fight to hold the choke point, only forcing out three enemy ultimates, and the advantages become clear.

SPACE will be back in action with the rest of the Los Angeles Valiant when the Overwatch League gets going again on February 14.

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