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Here’s how massive Overwatch’s new Expanse map really is

Published: 5/Feb/2020 23:00

by Bill Cooney


The new Overwatch map Expanse was heralded as the game’s biggest map when it was announced. Now, fans are beginning to discover just how huge it actually is.

Workshop Expanse Overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment
The official images of the Expanse from Blizzard don’t do its true size justice.

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Overwatch insider ’Naeri’ has been playing Expanse on the PTR and showed just how large the map is. You can get an idea of its size in a clip that shows D.Va making her way across the square.

Expanse is so big and empty that it’s almost a little creepy watching this lone D.Va make her way across the vast nothingness.

It took D.Va almost two minutes to make it across the entire island, even with her new and improved Booster cooldown every three seconds.

So it’s clear that when compared to classic maps like Eichenwalde or Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Expanse is absolutely enormous.

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Overwatch Workshop guru and Twitch streamer ‘DarwinStreams’ had more fun with the new map though. He’s come out with a neat new game mode for it less than a day after release.


Darwin’s Workshop s is a racing mode, which sees a group of Soldier 76s speeding around the island from checkpoint to checkpoint.

It does look like a fun way to kill time in Competitive queue, and a good way to check out the new map for yourself on the PTR. However, it will / could be removed when the changes debut in the main game

If you want to try Darwin’s Soldier Sprint Racing on the new Expanse map, the code is: PXDAM.

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Workshop updates made up a majority of the February 4 PTR patch notes, even if the change people are talking about most is the new ‘Hero Pools’ feature.


The Expanse map and custom games that use the stage are only available on the PTR at the time of writing, but should be coming to the main game sometime in the next few weeks.