Here's how D.Va mains can force Zarya players to waste ultimates

by Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment


During a recent stream Los Angeles Valiant pro Indy ‘Space’ Halpern explained how D.Va players can force an enemy Zarya to waste their ultimate on D.Va’s Defense Matrix after the recent nerfs to the ability.


Blizzard increased the cooldown for D.Va’s matrix in Overwatch’s January 24 Lunar New Year patch.

This means that there’s now a bigger window where enemies can throw out ultimates without risk of them being eaten by D.Va.


While watching a VOD of one of his recent matches, Space explained to viewers how he forces the enemy Zarya to use and waste their ultimate.

“So I go on him and I don’t Matrix, I don’t use Matrix, that’s the most important part,” Space tells viewers. “Because the new Matrix, if I use Matrix, he’s 100 percent going to get a free Grav.”

“This is where he fucks up, he bubbles for no reason, that’s the big mistake,” the Overwatch League pro explained. “Right when a Zarya bubbles and you’re in a 1v1 situation like this,  the way you force the Grav is by going to kill him, you have to put pressure on him.”


It helped that Space’s teammate was there to assist, but the clip shows that D.Va’s Matrix is still plenty useful.

Space’s Overwatch League season with the Los Angeles Valiant begins on Saturday, February 16 when the Valiant take on the Hangzhou Spark.