Genji transforms into JoJo’s Dio Brando in Overwatch Workshop

Published: 21/Jun/2019 23:08 Updated: 21/Jun/2019 23:21

by Bill Cooney


One Overwatch player has made a game mode in the Workshop that transforms Genji into Dio Brando from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Dio is one of the main antagonists in the JoJo series and definitely one of it’s most popular characters, based on the amount of memes floating throughout the internet that feature him.

Overwatch players have created plenty of JoJo x Overwatch crossover content, like having JoJo characters pose for POTG highlights, but this mode by Therister is the first JoJo-inspired game mode in the Workshop – that we’ve seen, anyway.

Overwatch fans love their JoJo memes.

“It was me, Genji!”

Therister’s Dio mode basically allows players to play as a suped-up raid boss Genji against any and all challengers.

Genji/Dio isn’t alone though, as he gets help from his stand, The World, which is played by Doomfist in Therister’s game mode.

Genji and Doomfist both have special abilities in this mode that makes fights look much more anime-like and worthy of a JoJo x Overwatch crossover.

They even added little “Muda Muda” graphics for when Doomfist/The World starts beating up on characters, which is a nice little touch for the Dio aficionados out there.

Unfortunately, Blizzard doesn’t allow outside content to be uploaded or used in the Workshop, so all the music and sound effects were added in post-production.

For players who want to try out Therister’s Dio mod, the Workshop code is: T7358. They also suggest changing the name of Team 1 to “MUDA” and Team 2 to “ZA WARUDO!!” to get the full Dio experience.

Baptiste’s Reunion Challenge comes to Overwatch

Overwatch’s June 18 patch contained balance updates for several heroes, but also kicked off Baptiste’s Reunion Challenge, which gives players the opportunity to unlock new sprays and a new skin for Baptiste after winning 9 games.

Players can also earn up to 7 more new Baptiste sprays by watching Overwatch streamers that have drops enabled during the event, as long as they have their Twitch and account linked.

There are no JoJo references, as far as we know, in any of Baptiste’s new cosmetics, but players should still unlock them because once the event ends on July 1, they’ll be gone for good.


Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplayer looks graceful as Art Nouveau Toph

Published: 16/Jan/2021 7:14

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Avatar: The Last Airbender fans love Toph for her tomboyish vibe despite being raised like a princess, but a brilliant cosplayer managed to capture her elegant side by creating a refined version of her usual outfit.

The heroes in Avatar: The Last Airbender all bring something unique to the table. However, Toph is particularly remarkable because she managed to become an earth-bending master despite being blind since birth.

Initially, she wanted to prove to her parents that blindness didn’t make her weak. But she became one of the most powerful characters in the show and a valuable Team Avatar member.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Toph Cosplay
Toph Beifong turned her back on a sheltered childhood to become a powerful earth-bender.

Toph is a popular choice among cosplayers too. But while we’ve seen everything from her traditional get-up to an elegant dress she once wore, it’s hard to find one more unique than Emma J.I.Q Rubini’s Art Nouveau Toph.

“You see nothing once, and you’ve seen it a thousand times,” she said, referring to a quote. “Y’all remember when we used to have cons? I’m so happy I went to Katsucon this year since it ended up being the only one I went to.”

“Here’s the cosplay I made for it,” she added. “Art Nouveau Toph! I am incredibly proud of the work I put into it, and I’m happy I got to wear it to such a pretty con! One day maybe I’ll wear it again.”

Emma managed to capture all the crucial elements of Toph’s everyday outfit. It includes the green and beige garments, the hairstyle tucked under a headband with a flower, and of course, contact lenses to match her eyes.

However, she’s added some exotic details in line with a style known as Art Nouveau. It combines elegantly woven tapestries with encrusted jewels and other bits and pieces to add some class.

Cosplayers and their fans know how much time and effort it takes to re-create an outfit faithfully. However, it takes creativity, talent, and courage to add your flair. Emma nailed it, and the thousands of likes she’s getting are a testament to that.