Genius Overwatch trick lets Winston save teammates behind walls

Winston in Overwatch bubbleBlizzard Entertainment

Winston’s barrier may not be the most powerful or strongest in Overwatch, but a simple trick can let tank players get far more value with it than Reinhardt, Orisa or Sigma and save teammates from certain death.

Overwatch’s tank cast is split into two categories of off-tanks and main tanks with the latter often having a shield for protection. Out of all the barriers in Overwatch, Winston’s is the most unique as it has a spherical shape and can be deployed in the air before falling down.

While Winston’s shield doesn’t have the same health as his other tank counterparts, its unique properties allow it to cover more vertical space and even go through walls, completely ignoring geometry in its way.

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It’s this part of the barrier that Twitch streamer Bogur used to his advantage in a game on Watchpoint Gibraltar.

After activating Primal Rage to score kills onto the enemy Brigitte and Widowmaker who he knocked to the second point, the tank player flew back and activated his bubble by the gate that had yet to open.

With an enemy D.Va still dancing on the cart, he began to damage her, forcing his nemesis to use the Self-Destruct ultimate.

Normally, this would spell doom for Bogur and any teammates that would have been around the blast, but because his barrier went through the wall, he had room to get inside it and save himself from the explosion.

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Winston uses primal rageBlizzard Entertainment
Winston is more than just his Primal Rage ultimate.

The best part is that this trick doesn’t need to just apply with D.Va’s Self-Destruct, but other abilities that could obliterate a team, such as Hanzo firing through a Baptiste Amplification Matrix.

If you’re ever in a position where you can’t get with your team in time, just remember to put your barrier down and tell your team it’s through the wall, it could end up saving their lives and even winning you the game.