Genius Overwatch position gives Mercy the highest Resurrection ever

Pink Mercy on RialtoBlizzard Entertainment

Mercy players are soaring to new Overwatch heights with an incredible new position on Lijang Tower that makes the support hero even more powerful when paired with Pharah.

Pharah and Mercy are one of the oldest Overwatch combinations that can stomp teams with inexperienced hitscan players. The constant aerial damage pressure from a foe with a pocket healer can be too much for some to overcome.

With Pharah able to access high positions and Mercy’s Guardian Angel ability letting her follow the Rocket Queen, the pair can take their chemistry to another level, and it seems like players have found the peak.

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As shown by Redditor and YouTuber McMagicMarv, there’s a spot on Lijang Tower Night Market that can rip opponents to shreds and even provide the Egyptian damage dealer an extra life.

Mercy and Pharah reach unstoppable position

By boosting up to the outside of the building the objective is inside of, Pharah can then Rocket Jump even further to stand on the top of a platform.

From here, she can rain rockets down on enemies trying to access the point as they leave spawn. In the clip, an enemy Hanzo manages to shoot down Pharah thanks to his Storm Arrows, but with how she is positioned, Mercy can Resurrect her with ease, allowing Pharah to get revenge on the bowman.

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Players were impressed with the height commenting, “Nice! I’ve never seen someone up in the spot before.”

Pharah and Mercy on HanamuraBlizzard Entertainment
Pharah and Mercy can be an extremely oppressive combo.

“Yo, that Rez was higher than Wiz Khalifa,” another joked.

Next time you’re on Lijang Tower, be sure to remember this spot and use it to your advantage to really put the enemy team on edge.