Genius Mercy Resurrect trick is a game changer on Overwatch’s King’s Row

overwatch mercy using resurrect on king's rowBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s Mercy is a staple part of most team compositions, but this insane Resurrect trick on King’s Row proves, once again, why she’s a must-pick. 

While Overwatch’s roster of supports contains everyone from the life-draining Moira to the trigger-happy Ana, Swiss healer, and queen of the angels, Mercy, still retains her spot at the top of the tier list.

The most powerful part of her kit is her Resurrect, which quite literally brings back fallen allies from the great beyond. While some leaks suggest it’ll be getting removed in the title’s highly anticipated sequel, Overwatch 2, it continues to make or break fights in the original game.

This seems particularly true on King’s Row, the England-inspired hybrid map, where one player has demonstrated just how wild Mercy res tactics can get.

overwatch mercy performing resurrect ability on hanzo on king's rowBlizzard Entertainment
“Heroes never die!”

Mercy trick on King’s Row perfectly saves Overwatch allies

As players finally dive deep into the bowels of King’s Row’s resident industrial hub, getting knocked off the side of the ramp on your way down to the final point is a constant concern.

This Mercy player, however, has used the chasm to their advantage, swooping underneath it from the attacking side.

As their Reinhardt falls mid-battle, she activates her Resurrect from below, ensuring that both she and the tank get out completely unscathed.

Tagging onto Cassidy, she soars through the icy skies victorious, successfully allowing her main tank to live another day.

“Some of y’all are too damn good at this game,” writes one commenter, stunned by the Mercy’s innovative tactics, while another recalls that “this makes me think of before the Mercy rework where the entire team would be dead, Mercy just crawls under the map and ults, reviving everyone.”

“This is also really good if you have Valkyrie so you don’t have to rely on teammates to get back up,” responds one fan.

On the flip side, others have noted that the idea is only viable in certain situations, noting that the player has “10/10 technical skills,” but “0/10 situational awareness.”

Either way, this neat little trick is quite the flex, and will leave enemies scratching their heads for a second, giving you prime opportunity to pounce. After all, a single second can make all the difference!