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Game breaking Overwatch glitch kicking players off the map on Hanamura

Published: 13/Jan/2021 11:54

by Lauren Bergin


One of the things that Overwatch fans love most about winter is the makeover that Hanamura gets. This year though, there’s a serious issue with the winter Hanamura design that has players falling off the map. 

Hanamura has become one of Overwatch’s most iconic maps. The Japanese inspired temple has framed many a match, and its nooks and crannies offer the perfect setting for some intense skirmishes.

Its new sister map, Kanezaka is dropping soon alongside Hanzo’s Kanezaka Challenge which sees a whole host of new cosmetics and a new skin for the fan favorite archer.

However, there’s a glitch on the winter edition of Hanamura that’s causing some havoc, and fans have taken to Reddit to express their concerns.


Overwatch's Hanamura first point
Blizzard Entertainment
Hanamura is a pretty iconic map, as well as being one of the most challenging.

Platform glitch makes players slip off of the map

As seen in a recent Reddit post, players all around the world have been having issues with the winter edition of the Japanese location.

The original poster, u/stickyyo, has attached a video scooting around the map as the infamous Wrecking Ball. When they reach the back end of the Point A temple, however, they’re seen slipping off of the side of the map into the snowy abyss below despite still being on the ground.

Asking Blizzard to “please fix,” a whole host of respondents have explained that they too have had issues with this bizarre glitch.

One player explains that the issue is with ‘collision’; “an object/surface having collision basically means you can touch it. This is a ‘non-standable’ surface where the game makes you slide off it, just like how you’d slide off any of the game’s roofs.”


Dear Blizzard, please fix. from r/Overwatch

How impactful is this glitch?

At first glance it looks as though this slight malfunction isn’t going to change the game, but it really can cause some serious issues.

We’ve seen what happens when you zoom along the area as Wrecking Ball, but imagine if you back up a little too far as Widowmaker or Hanzo to try a better view to pop some heads with. When you think about it like that, one misstep will be an easy death.

While this isn’t going to be an issue for most of the year, hopefully the Overwatch Gods do winter Hanamura a service and sort out this glitch. That’s all we want for Christmas this year!