Game-breaking Overwatch exploit sends Sombra soaring into the clouds

Michael Gwilliam
Blizzard Entertainment

A newly-discovered Overwatch exploit that allows Sombra to enter the skybox with some help from a basketball, and Mei has gone viral for its absurdity.

In a video posted to Reddit, a Mei and Sombra player showed off how the trick works. After leaving the spawn on Ilios Well, the duo knocks one of the basketballs outdoors.

From there, the Sombra player puts her Translocator on the basketball, causing it to stick to it. Once that’s done, the real crazy part begins.

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With the basketball firmly on the ground and the Translocator firmly attached, the Mei uses her Ice Wall to launch the ball high into the sky and out of sight.

However, because Sombra’s Translocator has no limit on its distance, she is now able to activate it and instantly teleport into the clouds.

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While this trick seemed fine up to this point, it becomes an exploit because of what happens next. The Sombra player is high in the skybox and not falling like she is supposed to from such a height.

As a result, the Mexican hacker hero is able to shoot down at enemies without ever taking damage herself.

For comparison, a Pharah player on the enemy team is way underneath her when all this is going on and is victim to several shots from the Sombra player’s Machine Pistol.

Blizzard Entertainment
Luckily, Sombra can’t do much damage from so far away.

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Luckily, Sombra’s weapon doesn’t do the most damage, especially from a distance and most heroes will be out of reach from her Hack ability and EMP Ultimate, so she’s not as big of a threat as she could be.

Nonetheless, the fact Sombra can take to the skies with a basketball like Michael Jordan in Space Jam is something that Blizzard should patch out in a future update.