Game-breaking Overwatch exploit scores easy wins on Busan with Hammond

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Wrecking Ball can be one of Overwatch’s most annoying heroes on some maps, and now it seems another map has been found where he can contest the point almost indefinitely.

Every Overwatch player has run into those Hammond players who insist on contesting point by grappling on to the center of a point and spinning around.

Usually, this is only possible on maps with a structure of some kind in the middle of the point, like Oasis Gardens and Nepal’s Shrine stage, for example, but now players have discovered you can actually pull it off on Busan’s Mecha Base as well.

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Blizzard Entertainment
There doesn’t seem to be anywhere for Hammond to grab on to on Mecha Base, but it’s definitely there.

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Reddit user ilias_kalliakmanis is the one we have to thank for bringing this 100 percent reproducible exploit to our attention.

On the Mecha Base capture point, there’s a small, raised part running through the center of the circle. At first glance, you wouldn’t even think to try and grapple on to it since there’s almost nothing there. Until now, that is.

As ilias shows, it’s definitely possible to grapple onto the line, and then spin around the point annoying any enemy that isn’t playing as Sombra or Mei.

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Even though ilias was begging Blizzard to remove this, most of the responses in the comments were thanking him for bringing this cheese strat to their attention.

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It’s definitely a strategy you don’t see every day, but it’s not really taking advantage of a glitch or a bug so whether or not developers will remove it remains to be seen.

Blizzard Entertainment
As if Hammond wasn’t already annoying enough before this.

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So, the next time Busan comes up in the map rotation, keep an eye out for Wrecking Balls trying to pull a fast one and steal an easy win.