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Overwatch • May 22, 2019

Full Overwatch Anniversary 2019 Brawl schedule

Full Overwatch Anniversary 2019 Brawl schedule
Blizzard Entertainment

The 2019 Overwatch Anniversary event has arrived, celebrating three years since the game’s release on May 24, 2016.


Anniversary is a celebration of all things Overwatch, meaning as well as introducing a selection of new skins and emotes, Anniversary also unlocks a variety of other content that is usually restricted to the three-week run of other events during the year.

As with the 2018 edition, this year’s Anniversary event will offer players the chance to experience various Arcade Brawls that are usually unavailable outside of their respective events.


The Brawl featured in the Arcade will change each day of the event, which lasts from May 21 to June 11, so if you’re a particular fan of one of them it’s worth making the most of it while it’s there. If you miss out it will be at least a week before the mode returns, if at all.

Blizzard Entertainment
Players who missed the recent Storm Rising event will get a chance to experience it during Anniversary.

The Brawl schedule will follow a consistent rotation of game modes each week, starting off with the Summer Games’ Lúcioball, followed by Halloween’s Junkenstein’s Revenge and Christmas’s Snowball Offensive and Yeti Hunt, before finishing with a run of Archives missions.

The second week will also the “Endless” variant for Junkenstein’s Revenge, as well as the All Heroes versions of the three Archives missions, Uprising, Retribution, and Storm Rising.


If you’re hoping to jump into some specific Brawls, here’s a full schedule for when each will be available in the arcade.

Week One Brawl Schedule

Tuesday, May 21Lúcioball
Wednesday, May 22Junkenstein's Revenge
Thursday, May 23Snowball Offensive
Friday, May 24Yeti Hunt
Saturday, May 25Uprising
Sunday, May 26Retribution
Monday, May 27Storm Rising

Week Two Brawl Schedule

Tuesday, May 28Lúcioball
Wednesday, May 29Junkenstein's Revenge Endless
Thursday, May 30Snowball Offensive
Friday, May 31Yeti Hunt
Saturday, June 1Uprising (All Heroes)
Sunday, June 2Retribution (All Heroes)
Monday, June 3Storm Rising (All Heroes)

Week Three Brawl Schedule

Tuesday, June 4Lúcioball
Wednesday, June 5Junkenstein's Revenge
Thursday, June 6Snowball Offensive
Friday, June 7Yeti Hunt
Saturday, June 8Uprising
Sunday, June 9Retribution
Monday, June 10Storm Rising
Tuesday, June 11Lúcioball
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