Free Overwatch Anniversary loot box is giving players insane rewards

. 1 year ago
Blizzard Entertainment

As the fifth Overwatch Anniversary event gets underway, players everywhere have been receiving a free loot box. This one, though, isn’t quite like the others.

Overwatch’s annual Anniversary Event is one of the favorites. With the chance to snag cool new skins, emotes, and other in-game cosmetics, it’s the perfect reason to spend far too much time playing.

This year’s skins have been a hit already with most players, although Symmetra mains remain pretty vocal over the fact the Indian architect still hasn’t got a skin in months.

It seems, though, that the 2021 festivities still has a few surprises to give out. Players have been opening up their free Anniversary loot box and getting some of the best outfits, and the best part is they haven’t even had to grind for them!

Moira Venus Skin Anniversary 2021
Blizzard Entertainment
Moira’s Venus skin has become an instant hit with players.

Players are loving Overwatch Anniversary’s free loot boxes

While people have continually expressed their irritation over the poor quality of loot that drops from Overwatch’s infamous loot boxes, it appears that the curse may have been broken.

Fans all across the globe have been posting photos of the loot they’ve received from their free Anniversary loot box, and the results are pretty crazy.

Packed full of Legendary and Epic loot, players are managing to scoop up not just this year’s Anniversary skins, but amazing skins from all throughout Overwatch’s five-year history.

One user posted their inaugural loot box on Twitter, showing off their insane prizes.

Others showed off their excitement on Reddit, again showing off a slew of awesome cosmetic drops.

A follow-up post later that day noted that: “I too, used all of the other guy’s luck,” proving yet again that the Anniversary loot boxes seem to be in the giving spirit.

While of course, all of this might be sheer dumb luck, the vast amounts of users that have been posting their new cosmetics seems to imply that maybe Blizzard are feeling benevolent on the five-year anniversary of the title.

How to get Overwatch Anniversary loot box

As with every event, we are gifted one free loot box containing items themed around that event. With Anniversary, this can include skins from all different events.

For those of you hoping to score your own amazing set of new gear, the process is pretty simple:

  1. Open Overwatch during the Anniversary event. You will automatically receive your loot box.
  2. Click ‘open loot box’ to open it immediately.
  3. If you miss the ‘open loot box’ option, it will land in the ‘loot box’ section of the menu. This is highlighted by a sparkly gold loot box just next to the writing.
  4. Select the ‘loot box’ section, then open your box!

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