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Former Overwatch artist finally reveals reason behind Reaper’s mask

Published: 22/May/2020 12:01

by Connor Bennett


A former Overwatch developer has explained why Reaper has a mask in-game despite not having one in the comic book version of events.

Like other Blizzard titles, Overwatch is steeped in lore and backstory, giving fans the chance to explore their favorite characters on a different level – both inside and outside of the game.

One of the biggest routes for the lore has come via the Overwatch comics that started being published online in 2016. With the actual game not having a story mode, the comic has given Blizzard the chance to tell a story in different ways, but one question has always bugged players – why does Reaper wear a mask in-game when he doesn’t do so in the comics?


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Reaper in Overwatch
Reaper can regularly be found in Overwatch games.

Now, former Overwatch artist Ahn Dang has explained why that is the case after posting some concept art for the character. One fan responded by stating that they always believed Reaper was fully inspired by the comic, leading to Dang’s answer.

“Yeah I changed it from the original comic because I didn’t think just a regular plain skull looked very cohesive in game,” Dang explained, finally pulling back the curtain and giving fans the answer they’d been after.

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Other fans asked questions about the mask, while one quizzed Dang on whether or not it was done for the purposes of selling Overwatch across the globe.


“No, I gave him a mask cause it’s a masquerade lol,” she said in reference to the concept she had posted. “I mean, he has other skins where he has a more skull-like face, like the Hellfire or Mariachi skin.”

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Obviously, some fans would like to see the in-game character fully mimic the comic book version, but that might could later down the line as another unique skin. 

For now, at least, the question has been answered and fans have something to point to as proof rather than any other theories that might be floating around.