Florida Mayhem President opens up about Overwatch pro TviQ driving the team bus during Season One

. 3 years ago
Florida Mayhem

One of the running jokes of Overwatch League Season One was the fact that player Kevyn “TviQ” Lindström drove the Florida Mayhem from their team house to the Blizzard Arena.

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The joke eventually came to be a placeholder for many fans’ dissatisfaction for how they felt the way the team was operated during Season One.

In a Reddit AMA on February 5, Mayhem President John Kracum addressed one fan who asked about TviQ driving the team bus last season.

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“The average bus driver salary is $31,000 a year. Don’t you think TviQ is over-paid?” Reddit user Toshiro46 asked.

“I guess he’s got a good agent?” Kracum joked. “It was an embarrassing issue we created last season and we’ve deserved to be roasted for it, but I’m still surprised at how well that label has stuck to TviQ.”

“I definitely feel like Principal Skinner in that clip about the children being wrong,” he added, referencing the popular Simpsons scene and meme.

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In addition to addressing fans’ concerns about TviQ’s future employment as a professional driver, Kracum also talked about the possibility of changing the team’s colors after one fan mentioned how popular the Mayhem Academy’s “vice” colors.

“Not only are there a lot of mechanisms involved in a major brand switch, but it’s not something that we should be comfortable doing at the drop of a hat,” Kracum responded. “I personally prefer the vice theme to our yellow and red, but I think our content folks have come up with a great graphic/imagery theme that takes advantage of our existing branding.”

The Mayhem have made a number of changes to their roster going into the 2019 season as well, TviQ is still on the team, but whether or not he retains his driving duties remains to be seen.

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