Overwatch: Five skins the community wants from Halloween Terror 2019

Brent Koepp
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s annual ‘Halloween Terror’ event is supposed to drop any day now, but as fans wait with anticipation, here are five spooky skins that the community would like to see make it into the hero shooter.

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We are halfway into October at this time of writing, and that means Overwatch should be getting its annual Halloween event any day now, with some even speculating it could drop on October 15 – the same day the Switch port releases.

One of the most popular aspects of the event is the horror-themed skins that transforms players’ favorite heroes into iconic tropes of the holiday, such as vampires or the undead. Here are five skins that the Overwatch community would love to see.

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Werewolf Winston

Blizzard Entertainment / Bethesda
The gorilla tank’s ‘Primal Rage’ ultimate would be perfect with a Werewolf skin.
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So far the hero shooter has had vampires, witches, and even the famed slasher Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th. However, Blizzard Entertainment has yet to tackle Werewolves – one of the most iconic types of characters in the holiday genre.

Reddit user PhoustPhoustPhoust echoed this sentiment with their post titled “This will be Overwatch’s 4th Halloween Terror event and it’s about dang time someone gets a FREAKIN WEREWOLF SKIN!”

Plenty of characters could be a great fit, as many suggested Doomfist, given he hits with his hands, and leaps around the map. However, another user pointed out “doomfist got swamp monster last year, werewolf winston would be amazing especially activating primal rage you could have a wolf howl or something”.

Reddit: papahedgehog
Reddit users were excited about the prospect of Winston having a Werewolf skin.
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Flying Dutchman Sigma

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Over on the Overwatch subreddit, a popular submission proposed the brilliant idea of making mad scientist Sigma into fellow Dutch character Willem van der Decken, who is the captain of the Flying Dutchman – a legendary ghost ship.

As Redditor violetdragons pointed out, the two fictional characters look eerily identical when comparing the hero side by side with the fabled captain, making it the perfect fit.

The top comment on the submission hilariously pointed out “On top of all that, Sigma’s literally a flying Dutchman.”

Reddit: ClaffandaHalf
A top comment pointed out that Sigma would literally by a flying Dutchman given his home country.

Rocky Horror Picture Show Moira

Blizzard has already paid homage to Frankenstein, and Slasher Jason from Friday the 13th, so why not honor one of the most iconic horror musicals of all time. Reddit user tinysporebat posted their clever mashup, transforming Moira into Dr. Frank-N-Furter from the film.

This would be a perfect matchup, considering Moira’s androgynous looks already paid tribute to 1970s rock star David Bowie with her ‘Glam’ and ‘Moon’ legendary skins. While most in the community loved the idea, some thought it was a little too ‘saucy’ for the game.

However, the creator of the concept hilariously shot back “Tell that to surf’n Splash Torb!” which references Torbjorn’s infamous Summmer Games Event 2019 skin that saw him flashing his legs in tiny shorts.

Reddit: NaisuMimu / tinysporebat
While some thought the skin was too ‘racy’, the creator hilariously pointed out Torbjorn’s summer games event skin was just as revealing.

Nightmare fuel Hammond

On October 1st, Twitter user ‘Nevens97674349’ shared their twisted concept for Hammond, and it made everyone’s skins crawl, as the disturbing image of the hamster’s own body being the mech was enough to turn anyone’s stomach.

In the concept, the robot mech he usually sits in is the actual creature that rides inside of Hammond’s warped body, leaving everyone to ask: Where does the grapple hook shoot out from?

While many were quick to view their displeasure, a few actually loved the idea, and said that it was actually nightmare fuel – which is what Halloween is supposed to be about.

Reddit: awildcrayset
One member of the Overwatch community described how the skin would actually be pure nightmare fuel.

Magneto Sigma

Cartoon and art designer YorchDiaz posted his X-Men mashup on Twitter on September 23, and it was super impressive. Sigma already plays a genius villain that has gone insane, which makes for a perfect match.

The mad scientist Tank uses his gravity pull to stop objects and throw rocks, so turning those objects into metal scraps instead would make his move set a natural reflection of the comic book character.

While it may be a pipe dream to expect a Marvel licensed character in the game, Blizzard has done homages before in the past to other characters, such as Jason Voorhees, so it could happen.