Five Nights at Freddy’s crossover turns Overwatch into terrifying horror game

Blizzard / YouTube: Alomare

Five Nights at Freddy’s has been brought to life in Overwatch as this shocking new Workshop mode is ready to make you jump out of your skin.

Ever since its release, Overwatch has been designed as a family-friendly game, for the most part. While the odd Halloween event is sure to give younger audiences a bit of a fright, Blizzard never goes overboard with the scare factor.

Completely bucking that trend, an ambitious Workshop crossover is here to give players their biggest spook yet. We’ve seen other titles like Call of Duty make their way into Overwatch through the Workshop, but now, one crafty fan has introduced Five Nights at Freddy’s to the mix.

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The horror game is translated over on a custom mode in Ecopoint: Antarctica. Throughout the experience, ominous heroes will be tracking you down while you try to uncover the truth behind a “terrible secret.”

From Genji to Orisa, a good number of popular characters are present in the crossover. Unlike other game modes though, these heroes aren’t here to help. They’ll either be prime suspects in the murder mystery or directly looking to knock you down.

To help defend your location, there’s a handful of security cameras around the map. These will keep you on top of enemy locations while you try to restore power. At any moment, enemies could pounce and try to end your run. It’s critical that you swap over to various cams and make sure no one is getting uncomfortably close.

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If they do happen to approach, you better hope there’s enough power left to put up a barrier. Without them, you’ll be wide open for a frightening attack. Thanks to recent advancements with the Workshop tools, the fights are just as shocking as they are in Five Nights at Freddy’s.

When enemies latch on, they whip you into a first-person perspective. Shaking the camera and yelling right at you in true horror-game style. 

Overwatch Five Nights at Freddys Workshop modeYouTube: Alomare
Brief barriers can keep you safe from the horrors of Ecopoint.

While ‘Five Nights at Ecopoint’ already looks chilling, there are still some final frights that need to be added in. The Workshop mode isn’t playable just yet but rest assured it’ll be available soon.

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Be sure to check out the creator’s full profile in the meantime and dive into some of their earlier modes.