Fiery Overwatch combo lets Reinhardt & Baptiste instantly win teamfights

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Teamfights in Overwatch are often won by powerful Ultimate combos that overwhelm the enemy, yet one of the best combinations in the entire game only requires one fast-charging ability.

Baptiste’s Amplification Matrix is one of the quickest-charging Ultimates in Overwatch. When it’s active, all projectiles or shots fired through it will deal double damage. Due to how the damage is doubled, a number of abilities become instant kills for 200 HP heroes.

For instance, a single grenade by Junkrat does 130 damage, but when it’s fired through the Amplification Matrix, it will do a massive 260. A Hanzo bodyshot normally does 125, but when fired through Baptiste’s Ultimate, it deals 250 or even whopping 500 if it’s a headshot.

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Blizzard Entertainment
Baptiste is one of the most powerful supports in Overwatch.

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That said, there’s few projectiles in Overwatch that can hit multiple enemies at once, and even fewer that can pass through targets. Reinhardt’s Fire Strike, however, is one them.

During the Overwatch League’s Week Four matches in Houston, the Atlanta Reign pulled off a dynamic combo against the Toronto Defiant.

Using the Amplification Matrix, a well-time Halt by Orisa and a Reinhardt Firestrike, they were able to hit four members of the Defiant with the amplified Firestrike, dealing 200 damage to everyone caught in it.

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In some ways, the combo is similar to the old Graviton Surge – Dragon Strike combo with Zarya and Hanzo, but this technique only requires one Ultimate and two standard abilities to pull off.

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What’s more impressive is that this is very difficult to counter. A Zenyatta Transcendence only heals and won’t save 200 HP heroes from that much burst damage and Lucio needs a moment to cast Sound Barrier – he could easily die while in the animation.

The combo is easy to perform too. Taking to Reddit, user PewdsBeard said that he had to try out the Reinhardt Baptiste move after seeing Atlanta do it.

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Even without an Orisa to pull the enemy team, PewdsBeards and his Reinhardt were able to score kills onto four opponents in seconds with the combination.

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Try to coordinate with your tank or support next time you play and see how many kills you can rack up with this game-winning maneuver.