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Fantastic Overwatch 2 Hanzo skin idea looks good enough to be real

Published: 6/Apr/2020 19:48

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch 2 may still be a way out on the horizon, but that hasn’t stopped fans of the series from coming up with their own ideas about what heroes could look like in the new game.

Even though we’ve already seen what his brother Genji looks like in a hoodie, we don’t have any idea what the elder Shimada brother Hanzo will be rocking in the expansion.

However, illustrator and artist Salvatore Tabbi’s new Overwatch 2 concept for the archer looks so good, you could be fooled into thinking it was an official Blizzard design.

Salvatore Tabbi
Even though Hanzo looks like he’s spent the last few years alone in the woods, he still manages to be styling.

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Overwatch 2 is set after the original game, which means all the heroes we know and love will be changing a bit, and in Hanzo’s case, this apparently means growing some epic facial hair.

Tabbi’s Hanzo has a beard that’s a far cry from his neatly-trimmed look we have now, but the Shimada brother’s new ruffled look still manages to make him seem like the hero we’re familiar with.

Thanks to the color scheme, along with the dragon designs and the bow (obviously), we can still tell this is definitely Hanzo, but now he looks like he’s been hanging out with McCree for a little too long.


Salvatore Tabbi
Tabbi didn’t just update Hanzo, he also (slightly) updated his bow as well.

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Bearded Overwatch 2 Hanzo’s bow is very similar to how his original skin’s looks, but with more blue wrapping around the body.

Unfortunately, Hanzo seems to have misplaced his hip flask in this skin, or perhaps he’s finally decided to give up the sake by the time Overwatch 2 happens.

As we said earlier, we don’t know when we’ll get a look at Hanzo, or any other hero’s official Overwatch 2 skin, but you would assume it would happen sometime before the game comes out.

Salvatore Tabbi
Tabbi’s Overwatch 2 Hanzo went through several different stages to get just right.

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The only problem with that is, we don’t have any solid idea of when Overwatch 2 will come out, other than “sometime in 2020” supposedly.


This year’s holiday season would be a good bet, but for right now, developers have been keeping radio silence on most of the details about the next chapter in Overwatch.

Tabbi has created several Overwatch skins before, and even said he had applied for a job as an artist at Blizzard, but wasn’t too keen on his chances since the publisher sees thousands of applicants a day.

You’d think that creating a skin concept that looks this fresh and interesting while still keeping with Hanzo’s character would be enough for the publisher to think about giving Salvatore a closer look.