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Overwatch • Jun 02, 2018

Fans Can Now Vote for the Overwatch League Season One All-Stars

Fans Can Now Vote for the Overwatch League Season One All-Stars
Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Fans can now vote for players in the Overwatch League season one all-stars match.

After the inaugural season of the league concludes on July 28th, some of the league’s players will be back in action for an all-star weekend, taking place on August 25th-26th.


The all-star event will be headlined by a battle of star players from each of the two Overwatch League Divisions – Atlantic and Pacific. A total of thirty-six players will participate in the All-Stars weekend, but the first twelve will be selected by fan vote.

That fan vote has now opened, with fans able to endorse six players from each division. Voting is limited by role – fans can only vote for a maximum of two players in any category, with players separated into DPS, Support, Tank, and Flex groups.


However, some of the categorizations are slightly off compared to what many might expect – the big boss himself, Kim ‘Pine’ Do-hyeon, is down as a Flex player for instance, despite famously being one of the league’s flashiest DPS players. So, there is some room for stacking combinations that might otherwise have been prohibited, in some cases.

Once the fan vote has decided the starting six for each team, the remaining twelve players on each side will be chosen by the Overwatch League. Between the two, it should likely ensure both fan-favorites and deserving star players will participate.

The fan vote for All-Stars, much like the fan vote for the Overwatch League MVP, will be open until the regular season ends on June 17th.

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