Fan makes Cabana Ana into the perfect Summer Overwatch cosplay

Blizzard Entertainment/Onnana

A creative fan has made Ana’s Summer Games “Cabana” skin into the ultimate Summertime Overwatch Cosplay.

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“Cabana” is one of Ana’s Legendary Summer Games skins, which basically turns her into a grandma ready to relax at the beach – but not actually get in the water or anything like that.

Thus, Overwatch fan ‘Onnana‘ decided Cabana Ana would be the perfect skin to cosplay during the summertime, and she was completely right on the mark.

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OnnanaAna is ready for the Summer.
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“Children, behave”

Onnana did a great job of bringing Cabana Ana to life, and it’s a cosplay that, when compared to some other Overwatch outfits, requires simple props that can easily be acquired.

She’s got Ana’s blue beach clothes along with her purse, and the iconic flowery shawl that really sells the “grandma watching little kids on the beach” look.

OnnanaEven the glasses are on point.
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She’s got a big, floppy straw hat to keep the Egyptian sun out of her eyes, which even sport eyeliner to make her look like Ana Amari in the flesh.

Ana’s white hair pulls it all together and makes this costume look ready for a convention, the beach, or anywhere in between.

The Summer Games event is fast approaching, which makes Onnana’s cosplay very timely as well as extremely awesome.

Onnana“Grandma Amari, reporting for duty.”
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When does Summer Games start?

Overwatch’s Summer Games event will begin earlier this year than in previous years, according to Director Jeff Kaplan.

This means that instead of an August date for the start of the event, like most people were thinking based on previous years, 2019’s Summer Games could begin sometime before the end of July.

John Gotch/Blizzard EntertainmentOverwatch players will have a whole new way to unlock Summer Games skins this year.
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In addition to the return of Lucioball, this year’s Summer Games will also give players another way to earn skins, by completing challenges similar to Baptiste’s Reunion Challenge each week throughout the event.

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