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Fan makes Cabana Ana into the perfect Summer Overwatch cosplay

Published: 14/Jul/2019 0:19 Updated: 14/Jul/2019 0:35

by Bill Cooney


A creative fan has made Ana’s Summer Games “Cabana” skin into the ultimate Summertime Overwatch Cosplay.

“Cabana” is one of Ana’s Legendary Summer Games skins, which basically turns her into a grandma ready to relax at the beach – but not actually get in the water or anything like that.

Thus, Overwatch fan ‘Onnana‘ decided Cabana Ana would be the perfect skin to cosplay during the summertime, and she was completely right on the mark.

OnnanaAna is ready for the Summer.

“Children, behave”

Onnana did a great job of bringing Cabana Ana to life, and it’s a cosplay that, when compared to some other Overwatch outfits, requires simple props that can easily be acquired.

She’s got Ana’s blue beach clothes along with her purse, and the iconic flowery shawl that really sells the “grandma watching little kids on the beach” look.

OnnanaEven the glasses are on point.

She’s got a big, floppy straw hat to keep the Egyptian sun out of her eyes, which even sport eyeliner to make her look like Ana Amari in the flesh.

Ana’s white hair pulls it all together and makes this costume look ready for a convention, the beach, or anywhere in between.

The Summer Games event is fast approaching, which makes Onnana’s cosplay very timely as well as extremely awesome.

Onnana“Grandma Amari, reporting for duty.”

When does Summer Games start?

Overwatch’s Summer Games event will begin earlier this year than in previous years, according to Director Jeff Kaplan.

This means that instead of an August date for the start of the event, like most people were thinking based on previous years, 2019’s Summer Games could begin sometime before the end of July.

John Gotch/Blizzard EntertainmentOverwatch players will have a whole new way to unlock Summer Games skins this year.

In addition to the return of Lucioball, this year’s Summer Games will also give players another way to earn skins, by completing challenges similar to Baptiste’s Reunion Challenge each week throughout the event.


My Hero Academia cosplayer attends U.A. High as Ochako Uraraka

Published: 28/Oct/2020 17:49

by Brent Koepp


A My Hero Academia cosplayer went viral on Instagram after sharing her true-to-life take on popular character Ochako Uraraka. The artist’s incredibly detailed outfit perfectly captures the heroine’s school look.

My Hero Academia originally made it debut as a manga, though it was its anime adaptation in 2016 that made it a cultural phenomena. Viewers around the world couldn’t get enough of its story about a high school that trains teenagers with superpowers called quirks. 

A cosplayer made waves on social media after bringing one of the show’s most popular characters, Ochako Uraraka, to life. The skilled artist depicts the character’s school spirit with stunning costumes that will be sure to leave fans of the series in awe.

my hero academia screenshot
Crunchyroll / Bones
The bubbly heroine is one of the most popular characters in the 2016 anime.

My Hero Academia cosplayer pulls off perfect Uraraka school look

The anime largely focuses on the students of Class 1-A. One of the most beloved characters in the series is the lovable Ochako. The heroine has the ability to manipulate gravity, and can float in the air.

Bringing the anime protagonist to life, cosplayer ‘alexy_sky_’ shared her epic My Hero Academia costume. The artist posed as Uraraka in her U.A. High school uniform which she wears throughout the show.

Alexy perfectly mirrored the character’s gray blazer jacket, as well as the red tie that sits on top of her white shirt. The outfit is full of details, from the blue-green stripe trimming, to the golden buttons. 


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In another shot posted to social media, the cosplayer re-created Ochako’s signature pose by holding her hand out. In the series, the character’s quirk allows her to make anything she touches weightless – including foes.


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As if that wasn’t impressive enough, Alexy also created the student’s blue and white patterned gym school uniform as well. Not only are the cosplayer’s costumes insanely accurate, she also nails the character’s look – capturing her short and pointy eyebrows, as well as her bob haircut.


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Despite making its anime debut back in 2016, My Hero Academia has continued to explode in popularity around the world. The show’s diverse cast of colorful characters has made it a massive hit.

The animated adaptation wrapped up its fourth arc in April. Those wanting to watch the series can catch all episodes on Funimation and Crunchyroll. For everything we know about Season 5, check out our guide here.