Fan-favorite Overwatch maps combined to create huge battle royale island

. 4 months ago
Overwatch Oasis map

Rumors surrounding a Battle Royale in Overwatch have been around for some time, and this awesome new concept combining popular maps shows exactly what the mode could look like.

Ever since the likes of Fortnite and Apex Legends made the battle royale genre a staple of the gaming industry, fans have wondered if Overwatch would follow the trend.

Ever since its launch in 2016, Blizzard have mostly stuck to a few core modes like Assault, Control, and Escort. But many players feel that Overwatch’s unique gameplay and heroes would lend themselves to the battle royale formula in an intriguing way.

Well, thanks to this interesting concept art, we can see what a potential Overwatch battle royale map would look like.

Overwatch Blizzard World map
A battle royale map featuring Blizzard World would be a hit with fans.

The map concept, posted by Overwatch esports team San Fransisco Shock, splices together six fan-favorite multiplayer from the game, making one giant battle royale island.

Blizzard World makes up the majority of the map, to make sure the publisher’s mark is firmly felt. This arena features nods to other Blizzard franchises like Warcraft and Hearthstone, so it would surely be a great centerpiece for a battle royale.

Dorado and Hollywood make up the bottom sections, both of which are packed with buildings that could make for a frantic shootout to end a match.

Meanwhile, the more open spaces of Oasis, as well as Anubis, form the top end, with Numbani bridging the gap into the middle.

As you’d expect, the concept grabbed the attention of Overwatch players, who seemed to like the idea. “A battle royale overwatch game would be awesome,” replied Doctor Virtual. “I would be down for that big time. There are plenty of characters for it.”

Others bemoaned some of the popular Overwatch maps that hadn’t made the cut, most notably King’s Row. “If King’s Row was on there I would definitely pick it, best map in the game” said Connie.

While this is obviously just a cool concept mocked up by fans, it certainly hammers home that Overwatch is one series that would really work as a battle royale. Sadly, we’ll likely have to wait for Overwatch 2 to see if Blizzard takes the opportunity.

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