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Fan decides to make every Overwatch hero into Torbjörn

Published: 5/Mar/2019 23:16 Updated: 6/Mar/2019 0:20

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch fans are some of the most creative out there, and one enterprising fan has taken their love of Torbjörn to an awesome new level.

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Torbjorn is definitely an Overwatch fan-favorite, and has inspired plenty of memes in his own right in the community.

Now, Reddit user drewhead118 has embarked on an epic quest to “improve” Overwatch’s cast of characters by merging them all with Torbjörn.

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Which hero is the best combination with Torbjörn and his epic beard? It’s hard to say, luckily though, drewhead has given us plenty of material to work with when making our decision.


Even though he hasn’t been around too long, Overwatch’s newest hero Baptiste makes a very powerful statement as “Torbiste”.

drewhead118Baptiste hasn’t even been around for a month and he’s already been Torbed.[ad name=”article3″]

Find inner peace while your turret annoys the enemy team as Bjornyatta, who has hammers and his rivet gun instead of Zenyatta’s arms.

drewhead118[ad name=”article4″]

Many people think Torbjörn can’t get any more Torbjörn, because he’s already Torbjörn. Well those doubters appear to have been proven wrong, because drewhead has blessed us with the masterpiece that is: Torbjörnbjörn.


drewhead118Good thing there’s no such thing as too much Torbjörn.[ad name=”article4″]

It turns out Ashe and B.O.B. are greatly improved with a little Torb flavor with some fantastic beards as Ashebjörn and T.O.R.B.

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It’s simply not possible to talk about and display all of drewhead’s awesome Torbjörn creations, but the entire collection can be seen in this gallery.

By now, the collection of Torb’s is halfway done at 15, true turret fans will be very excited to see who the next amazing Torbjörn-hybrid Overwatch characters are.