F2P Overwatch 2 player finally able to purchase battle pass after 3 seasons

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A free-to-play Overwatch 2 player has finally been able to purchase a seasonal battle pass within the game, after completing weekly challenges for 3 seasons straight.

Overwatch’s recent transition into its sequel has seen the game move away from its traditional pricing model as a AAA game. Now in Overwatch 2, the game is entirely free to play with forms of monetization in its various cosmetics. These are often offered in the store for Overwatch coins, which is a currency that can be purchased with real-life money.

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Alongside this, Overwatch’s original form of in-game monetization of loot boxes was removed and replaced by the current battle pass system. Battle passes offer players various rewards and cosmetics for progressing through the track, and often grant free rewards as well as premium rewards for those that purchase the premium track.

Battle passes in Overwatch 2 cost 1000 Overwatch coins (about $10 USD), granting players the premium track rewards. Whilst the battle passes can be purchased with real-life money, the game offers an alternative for players that aren’t looking to spend money on its cosmetics. Weekly challenges were introduced into Overwatch 2 upon its release, and grant players 60 Overwatch coins when they complete all of them for the week.

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Players were quick to critique the low amount of free rewards the game was given to players, with only 60 Overwatch coins not being enough. This would, in theory, take the player 17 weeks to earn enough Overwatch coins to be able to purchase one season’s battle pass. This is around 3 full seasons of completing weekly challenges in order to purchase the next battle pass. And whilst that could potentially seem unreasonable, that’s exactly what an Overwatch player did.

F2P Overwatch 2 player able to purchase battle pass after 3 Seasons

Overwatch player Yorinator114 was able to save up a total of 1019 Overwatch coins by completing weekly challenges, giving them just enough to purchase the battle pass. With only about a month left of Season 3 to go, the player was able to scrounge up enough coins to be able to purchase the battle pass if necessary.

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This means it took them 161 days (since the release of Overwatch 2) to save up enough Overwatch coins.

Many commenters were quick to point out that it’s actually easier to gain Overwatch coins for free outside of Overwatch itself. With many using Microsoft Rewards in order to farm their coins for the week, rather than grinding out the many challenges in the game. This is similar to the phenomenon that occurred last year, where players discovered it was faster to play World of Warcraft and earn skins for Overwatch there, instead of actually playing the game.

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With that being said, it seems that Yorinator will be looking to purchase the Season 4 battle pass with their hard-earned credits. Especially with the new hero on the horizon, we’ll just have to wait and see what that battle pass may bring.

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