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Explosive Overwatch clip shows why you should shoot Mei’s Ice Walls

Published: 14/Jul/2021 20:41

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch players who mindlessly stare at an enemy Mei’s Ice Wall instead of shoot at it should watch this clip and see exactly why damaging it can have a massive benefit.

Ice Wall is one of Overwatch’s most unique abilities and is one of the components in Mei’s kit that make her one of if not the most tank-like DPS hero in the game.

Cutting opponents off from the rest of their team, building cover and blocking enemy attacks, Ice Wall functions a bit like a barrier on a cool down, but with some very original properties.


For one, unlike barriers, Ice Wall can be broken in places if shot at and while it does have a decent amount of health, it’s far from indestructible – something that a lot of players either don’t seem to realize or call about.

Mei Ice wall smile
Blizzard Entertainment
Destroying Mei’s Ice Walls could turn that smile into a frown.

As shown during the Overwatch Contenders match between Odyssey and Wisp on Nepal Village, Soko launched his D.Va bomb onto the point, but an enemy Mei Wall blocked it off.

Rather than just shrug and take the L, Wisp all targeted the Ice Wall and broke part of it, allowing the bomb to reach Odyssey resulting in a whopping four kills plus the demech on the enemy D.Va.


Each “pillar” of Mei’s Ice Wall has 400 HP with five pillars total, so there is definitely some health players need to burn through, but it’s totally worth it.

In ranked, this strategy could actually end up working even better because enemies won’t expect you to actually break it, so with some good coordination and target calling, you could use this to your advantage.

Next time an enemy Mei tries to block your ult or a teammate off, tell your squad to aim for a side of the wall to successfully counter it.