Explore new heights in Overwatch with this challenging mountain climbing Workshop mode

Blizzard Entertainment

One creative Overwatch player has made a new mode that allows several different heroes to test out their climbing skills.

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Ever since the Overwatch Workshop came out, players have been pushing the boundaries and creating all kinds of crazy games, training modes and minigames.

There are a ton of mobile heroes in Overwatch who are able to get places others can’t, but who’s the best climber in Overwatch? To find out, Reddit user Jeyzor created his very own Workshop mode.

Blizzard EntertainmentGibraltar, apparently, is the perfect place for Mountain Climbing in Overwatch.
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How high can you go?

Jeyzor’s Mountain Climbing mod takes place on Watchpoint Gibraltar. Since the map is basically inside of a giant rock, it makes perfect sense.

Players can choose from 21 different heroes to tackle the slopes with, and there are two different mountains to test your skills. The mode also supports multiple players, so you can climb with friends, which is always more fun.

As players get higher and higher, the difficulty scales with the height, so if you think it gets easier the further you go, you’re wrong.

The Mountain Climbing mod is different from a lot of Overwatch Workshop modes, and it has some serious puzzle/Getting Over It vibes.

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For players who want to test their climbing skills, the code to Jeyzor’s Mountain Climbing mod is: PJMWG.

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What’s new in Overwatch?

Besides the Workshop mode, Overwatch also introduced the new Replay system to the PTR, which allows for more cinematic shots of the game than ever before.

Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan also teased a ton of new content coming for Overwatch this summer, including Hero 31, but he didn’t get into much more detail than that.

Whatever the new content ends up being, 2019 is shaping up to be a big year for Overwatch and Overwatch players.