Every Overwatch hero gets a Marvel skin in ridiculous comic book crossover

Overwatch marvel skin conceptsPixabay/Blizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch artist has redesigned every single hero in the game with a Marvel comic book skin and players want Blizzard to add them to the game.

Popular multiplayer titles such as Fortnite have frequently added crossover skins featuring Marvel, DC, Star Wars and other popular franchises. While Overwatch hasn’t really done the same, minus a handful of promotional skins, players are hoping for that to change.

On April 12, Redditor ‘Xtremee_ghost’ posted a series of photos showing every single Overwatch hero with their very own Marvel skin.

From fan-favorites to deep cuts, there was something for everyone to enjoy and some of the designs would be amazing to see added to the actual game.

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A screenshot of Marvel's Avengers.Dimension Ink Games / DC Comics
There are a lot of Marvel characters for skins.

Overwatch x Marvel skins amaze fans

Some of the hero skin redesigns will instantly stand out to anyone familiar with comic books. Junkrat as Spider-Man’s nemesis Green Goblin, Torbjorn as Wolverine and Zenyatta as Doctor Strange are just some of the designs shown.

Others took a more creative approach, such as putting Zenyatta in a wheelchair to become Professor Xavier or using Winston’s Primal Rage ultimate as Beast from X-Men.

Fans were instantly impressed and hoped Blizzard would consider working with Marvel down the line. “Zarya as Colussus with pink hair is the greatest genderbend I’ve ever seen, it so fits. I want this skin in-game now,” one player said.

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“Oh f**k, I’ve never bought a skin in a game but I would blow some good damn money for those skins,” another praised.

“I love that not only do these look fantastic, but the matchups pertain to hero abilities and personalities as well. That’s f**king awesome. I wish this was real,” a fan applauded.

While we may not ever see such a crossover in Overwatch 1, with the Overwatch 2 beta coming on April 26, there’s a chance that Blizzard rethinks its event strategy and these become a reality.