Epic Wrecking Ball Oasis roll-out guarantees first flag in Overwatch CTF

Blizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch player showed off an amazing Wrecking Ball rollout that allows for incredibly fast flag captures on Oasis City Center.

Wrecking Ball is perhaps the fastest hero in Overwatch when his kit is used to its full effect, but Overwatch player VaughnFry demonstrated a particularly rapid rollout in Capture the Flag on Oasis City Center that allowed for a very early lead.

With some help from a Lúcio speed boost, Wrecking Ball immediately grapples from the nearest structure to the spawn room and launches himself over the buildings surrounding the central control point.

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The momentum is so great that it carries him all the way to the enemy flag, arriving at it just six seconds after the spawn doors begin to open, and allowing him to make his way back towards his own team’s side before the enemy even arrive.

Obviously, this tactic is particularly effective for Capture the Flag Blitz, a faster-paced variant of CTF that places the flags closer to one another. While teams need six captures in Blitz rather than the standard three, getting one for free right off the bat is still nothing to sniff at.

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That being said, it’s also a useful trick to have up your sleeve for other modes, whether it be for taking early positioning in a Control game, or simply returning to the fight as quickly as possible in any mode.

Wrecking Ball in his Paper Cutting skin on Lijiang TowerBlizzard Entertainment
Players can get the ‘Paper Cutting’ Wrecking Ball skin for completing the last weekly challenge of Lunar New Year.

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Players who do wish to make use of this trick in Capture the Flag will want to try it out sooner rather than later, however, as both the standard and Blitz variants of the game mode are currently available as part of the Lunar New Year event, which is coming to a close on February 5.

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For those that haven’t completed it already, this week’s challenge also offers the Wrecking Ball ‘Paper Cutting’ skin to those who win nine games, and this technique might even help you on your way.

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