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Echo officially announced as Overwatch’s 32nd Hero

Published: 18/Mar/2020 16:17 Updated: 18/Mar/2020 17:03

by Michael Gwilliam


Echo has officially been revealed as Overwatch’s 32nd hero following a series of teasers throughout the week.

In the Echo origin story, it is revealed that Liao was recruited by Soldier 76 to fight Omnics because she helped build them, thus making her an ideal candidate.

At some point it seems that the Omnics rebelled, making her question whether she made the world a better place, but ultimately ended up creating Echo – her life’s work.

The origin story begins with Liao’s voice over, but then transitions to Echo’s. Two things are unclear: if Liao is still alive and what hero role Echo will be, but we expect more details to be revealed very soon.

For three days straight, the official Overwatch Twitter and Facebook accounts have been posting photos and videos believed to be leading up to the unveiling of the next hero.

While signs were already pointing towards Echo, the new teaser image was the most obvious hint thus far.

Blizzard Entertainment
Echo is Overwatch’s 32nd hero.

The image is taken from a file named “Cargo Manifest” which also contains an attached photo of the Route 66 payload.

As Overwatch fans learned during the Reunion animated short released at BlizzCon 2018, Echo was hidden inside of the payload only to be rescued by the video’s protagonist McCree.

In the short, the Deadlock gang along with Ashe derails the train on Route 66 and begin to load its cargo onto the payload.

Eventually, McCree defeats the gang and frees Echo from her container. This eventually leads into the Overwatch 2 announcement short released one year later with Echo joining the fight alongside a newly regrouped Overwatch team.

The other hero teasers have mentioned the character of Liao – one of the founding members of Overwatch and the creation of some sort of project to turn the tides against anti-Omnic violence.

It’s likely Echo will appear on the PTR Thursday, as that’s when Blizzard normally updates the test servers for any major changes such as new heroes.


Overwatch players demand fix for controversial Halloween map

Published: 21/Oct/2020 19:49

by Michael Gwilliam


It’s Halloween time again, and that means the Overwatch Halloween Terror event is in full swing – and with it come some unique map changes on Eichenwalde, Blizzard World, and Hollywood. However, not everyone is on board with the new decorations.

While the maps may look nice with their Halloween horror makeover, there are some significant issues with them, primarily on Eichenwalde streets phase.

The German hybrid map can be one of the more challenging points for attackers, as they need to push the payload up a narrow bridge towards the castle.

At this juncture, players used to the normal version of the map tend to use abilities that boop opponents to secure environmental kills. Sadly, the Halloween variant makes doing so nearly impossible right by the left-side doors.

The Halloween version of Eichenwalde places a fence that prevents players from being booped off the map. Normally, Winston players will activate their Primal Rage ultimate and knock enemies off the map as they push from out of the left doors to contest the point.

23-year-old South Korean tank main Sang-hoon ‘Kaiser’ Ryu took to Twitter to voice his frustration with the map’s redesign.

“3 years and this fence still exists in this Halloween map,” he said, posting a picture of the annoying fence. “Am I the only person who complains about this?”

Other players agreed with Kaiser. “The fact that the event maps make actual changes to the map that alter the gameplay is pretty dumb in a competitive game,” one replied.

The complaints aren’t anything new either. Famously, former Overwatch League pro Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel raged after the fence prevented him from knocking a Zarya off the map.

Halloween Sombra on Overwatch's Hollywood
Blizzard Entertainment
The changes to Hollywood are not as controversial.

While it’s nice to have special event versions of maps, as xQc noted in his clip, the competitive integrity of the game is damaged by major changes such as this.

Hopefully, Blizzard takes note of this when Overwatch 2 is released or Halloween 2021 rolls around and finally tears the fence down.