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Overwatch • Jun 08, 2019

D.Va’s Overwatch highlight intro amazingly recreated using Lego

D.Va’s Overwatch highlight intro amazingly recreated using Lego
Blizzard Entertainment

A talented Overwatch fan has turned one of D.Va's popular highlight intros into a Lego masterpiece using stop-motion animation.


Overwatch is in the middle of its Double XP event right now to end off its Anniversary 2019 celebration, in which old and new character unlocks are available to win from loot boxes or to buy using coins.

While the event is only available until June 10, one inventive fan decided to celebrate the game's third year by creating one of D.Va's highlight intros using the character build from the Overwatch Lego sets.

Twitter: _chuwawa / Blizzard Entertainment
D.Va looks ready to "shoot you down" in the clip.

"Nerf This!"

In the clip, D.Va is seen flying out of her MEKA robot, before posing like a badass in midair for the camera.

James 'chuwawa' posted his Lego work to Twitter, where he completely wowed fans with his recreation. "That is gorg!! That little tassle shake at the end adds so much too!" one user gushed. "This is beyond fantastic, well done!" another replied.

chuwawa also posted a behind-the-scenes clip, showing exactly how he made the highlight, giving an insight into how much of a process stop-motion animation actually is. 

He attached some metal wire to the Lego D.Va figure in order to get her in the correct jumping poses, and held her MEKA up with a stand - obviously, neither of these can be seen in the final product.



This isn't the first time fans have done this

The Overwatch Anniversary event seems to be a special occurrence for Lego fans, since another builder created more character highlight intros to celebrate it.

Fanbyte, a video game fan site, created Tracer, Soldier: 76, McCree, D.Va, Genji, and Widowmaker highlight intros using characters from their corresponding Lego sets, and the results were just as good.

Stop-motion animation seems like a hard nut to crack, but both of these fans nailed it perfectly with their Lego renditions.

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