Dramatic anime Overwatch video shows how powerful Nano Genji feels

genji dragon bladeBlizzard Entertainment

If you’ve played Overwatch, you know how intimidating a Genji with Nano Boost can be. If you’ve watched anime, you know how intimidating a hero with new power can be. Now, you can experience both at the same time thanks to a fan’s short video.

In Dragon Ball Z, fans got to see Goku go from being a little boy to a giant ape and eventually to a strong man with big pecs and a bigger heart. And then that strong man glowed red when he mastered Kaio-Ken (and even redder when he got to Kaio-Ken 20). Then he got blonde hair, and more powerful, when he turned Super Saiyan. 

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And so on and so forth, all the way up until Perfected Ultra Instinct Goku, whose 12.5 septillion power level is a good deal higher than little Goku’s was in the beginning of the whole thing.

Now, in Blizzard’s Overwatch universe, Genji doesn’t get quite as powerful as Goku eventually does, but the sneaky swordsman does power up significantly, especially when a friendly Ana is on his side. Thanks to a video from ‘lvlupllifting’ on Twitter, the experience of a Nano Genji has now been dramatized in true anime form.

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When Genji activates his Dragonblade ultimate, his speed is buffed by 30 percent and he unsheathes a katana capable of doling out 120 damage per swing. When Ana uses her Nano Boost ultimate on a teammate, they receive a 30-percent boost to their damage and to their damage resistance.

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It is therefore not surprising that a Genji boosted by two ultimates feels akin to an anime character whose power levels have skyrocketed multiple tiers. As such, lvluplifting’s depiction of the Ana and Genji relationship feels particularly accurate.

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With subtitles, a guttural Japanese voice, meant to embody Ana’s spirit, lets Genji know that the power boost is coming: “I have Nano, hold on Genji! Hone it to the utmost limit! Become the most durable blade of all!”

genji nano anaYouTube, Displined
The relationship between a Genji and his Ana is a storied one.

Upon receiving the electric power surge, Genji remarks with surprised excitement: “First form…Thunderclap and Flash! BBQ Chicken!” He then proceeds to cut down the opposition swiftly and with great honor.

It remains unclear if the Japanese words spoken are, in fact, the words subtitled below. But who are we to nitpick art, rather than simply appreciate its energy?

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