Disgraced ex-OWL pro DreamKazper allegedly still playing on main account

Michael Gwilliam
Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Former Overwatch League pro and alleged sexual predator Jonathan ‘DreamKazper’ Sanchez may still be playing on his main account. 

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The ex-Boston Uprising star was released from the team during the league’s inaugural season after sexual misconduct allegations involving minors surfaced

Prior to the allegations coming to light and his contract being terminated, Sanchez was considered one of the most dominant DPS players in the league at the height of the dive meta. 

Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment
The Boston Uprising walk out to a match with DreamKazper in the back.
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DreamKazper’s Genji and Pharah play combined with Nam-joo ‘Striker’ Kwon’s Tracer dominance made for a terrifying combination.

While the disgraced ex-professional is rarely talked about and considered a black mark for the league, that apparently has not stopped him from continuing to play Overwatch. 

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As we reported in October, it was suspected that Sanchez was still making a living through Overwatch by boosting accounts. Now, it would seem that his main account is still active.

On September 17, Guangzhou Charge DPS Charlie ‘nero’ Zwarg uploaded a photo to Twitter showing a screengrab of an account called “repzakmaerd” which is DreamKazper spelled backwards. 

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According to Nero, this is Sanchez’s main account.

The screengrab shows a DPS player with a Season 3 SR high of 4728. The most-played heroes are McCree, Soldier 76 and Genji, two of which Sanchez is known to play.

Dexerto reached out to an anonymous pro with knowledge on the situation for comment and asked if the account belongs to DreamKazper. 

Blizzard Entertainment
DreamKazper was known for his Genji play.
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“I know it’s him because of the season history,” the pro said. “It used to be a different name after he got exposed. And he would talk in voice chat.”

There is very little in the way of details about what happened with DreamKazper after he was released and the sexual misconduct allegations, but if this recent news is to be believed, he’s still out there lurking on Overwatch.