Devastating triple Overwatch ability combo shreds teams on payload - Dexerto

Devastating triple Overwatch ability combo shreds teams on payload

Published: 14/Jan/2022 19:53

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch players looking to get an advantage on payload matches should try out a simple three hero combination that can break enemy defenses with ease.

The infamous “pirate ship” comp involving a Bastion and an Orisa isn’t anything new. The idea is to just put a Sentry Mode Bastion on the payload while an Orisa shield protects him.

However, by throwing a Baptiste into the mix, you get some major added benefits. For one, his Immortality Field can keep the team alive much longer even against power ultimates such as D.Va’s Self Destruct.

Plus, his Amplification Matrix can double all oncoming damage fired through it, so he pairs nicely with Orisa and Bastion who can fire for long period of time without needing to reload. That said, there is another ability that can make this even better.


Overwatch combination melts through teams

By combining Orisa’s Hault in conjunction with Bastion in Sentry Mode and Baptiste’s Amplification Matrix, the DPS, support, and tank combination can annihilate anything it touches.

With so much damage coming through, it would force whatever surviving enemies to take cover instead of fighting head-on. But, at the cost of taking shelter, they would allow the payload to move and potentially reach a checkpoint.

Close up shot of Baptiste's face during POTG
Blizzard Entertainment
Baptiste can be very powerful in the right hands.

As shown by Twitch streamer Silvoc_o7, the entire enemy squad gets obliterated with the combination on Route 66. Plus, given the position of the payload, Orisa body blocking, and natural cover, it gave the Bastion even more protection.


Next time you’re on a payload map and have willing teammates, try this combo out and see if you can repeat its effectiveness.